The Pros and Cons of Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

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Do you require cleaning services for your home? The weather can take a toll on your garden, so it’ll need to be maintained on a regular basis. To maintain a surface clean, you can use a soft wash or a power wash.

What’s the best option for your deck or driveway? What is the difference between soft and pressure washing? This post will teach you everything you need to know about soft washing vs. pressure washing.

Soft washing and pressure washing are two different ways to clean surfaces on and around your house. Power washing encompasses both soft washing and high-pressure washing.

Soft washing is gentler on surfaces than pressure washing. Pressure washing is good for hard and porous surfaces like concrete because it may loosen deep-seated pollutants. Soft washing uses lower pressure, which reduces cleaning effectiveness while making softer surfaces simpler to clean.

Although the procedures, equipment, pressure, and chemicals used in soft washing, power washing, and pressure washing appear to be identical, they are not. Power washing and pressure washing require much higher water pressure than gentle washing, and power washing is usually done with much hotter water. To kill mould, mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, and other bacteria, the Soft Washing method is paired with a biodegradable disinfecting cleaning solution.

If you need a pressure washer but you don’t have one and don’t have any plan to buy, you can try pressure washer rentals.

The Pros and Cons of Pressure Washing

You use pressure washing to remove pollutants from a surface by directing highly pressurised water at it. The strength of pressure washers is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). By using just water to clean, it is an easy and effective way to clean most surfaces.

When performed poorly, pressure washing has a major disadvantage: it can damage surfaces. When applying high-powered pressure to a deck, for example, the surface can be severely damaged. Always ask a professional for advice and a free quote before you start any pressure washing. For example, pressure washing in Burnley with many years of experience are Scotts Cleaning Solutions.

Pressure washing gives quick results, however, mould, algae, mildew lichen are not killed but just moved around and over time will grow back.

The Pros and Cons of Soft Washing

Mould, algae, mildew, grime, and other pollutants can be removed from a surface with soft washing. Soft washing can be used on softer wood or to protect the structural integrity of concrete that is less than three years old.

A low-pressure wash is known as soft washing. Although you still use more pressure than you would with a hose, soft washing helps you to remove impurities without damaging the surface.

Soft washing should be used on surfaces that are notoriously difficult to clean with high pressure or would be harmed if done so, such as windows, roof tiles, screens, wood, and so on. Soft washing was created with the intention of removing algae off roof tiles.

Using a special bleach for cleaning eliminates mould and mildew spores, algae, moss, and any other plants or fungus that may be growing on your roof. It also penetrates any root systems and kills them, preventing additional harm to the tiles and the regrowth of anything.

Bottom Line

Some individuals combine power washing and soft washing, and a mix of both cleaning methods could be the answer to your cleaning problems.

It is good to know the type of surface you have surrounding your home. Always speak to a professional with years of experience cleaning a number of different surfaces. Spotless in Aberdeen Scotland always gives great advice for those who are starting a pressure washing business or if you want to do it yourself and clean your own home.

To maintain a surface clean, you can use a soft wash or a power washer. What’s the best option for your deck or driveway? What is the difference between soft and pressure washing? We hope we have answered those questions and you have a clearer picture of what method of cleaning you will use.

Always take the time to research the surface you have, what it is made of? How old is it? Ask a professional for advice before you start. Your home is an important part of your life and you want to maintain and invest to keep your home looking clean and inviting.

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