Quick-Fixes for Essential Home Appliances That Will Make Life Easier

essential home appliances

Technology has made our lives easier a great deal, making us rely on appliances and machines to help us with our everyday chores. Now, a household would be inoperable without essential appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. The equipment is convenient, fast, and efficient, resolving many of our problems in this fast-paced world.

However, when we buy these appliances, we overlook their maintenance until they stop functioning due to a malfunction. As they age and cease to work, we become aware of their importance, only to realize it’s too late. Statistics prove that many appliances remain well-functioning long after their fair share of life span. By maintaining them once a while or occasionally seeking professional help for checkups, we can extend their lives and use them in the long run.

Let’s check out some of the essential home appliances that can stay with us for a long haul just by being maintained frequently.

Air Conditioner

Due to extreme weather conditions and global warming, air conditioners have become an essential part of our lives, and we would not be able to survive extreme temperatures without them. In order for air conditioners to perform properly, we must maintain them properly. Otherwise, we have to deal with their breakdowns in times of need.

Keeping air conditioners in order is easier than replacing them with new machines every season. It would save a lot of money and time. In addition, fixing an air conditioner is a tough job, especially when you are not familiar with its functions. They are highly technical, and most of the time, we fail to figure out the real source of the problem. To fix it properly, seeking professional help from an Air Conditioning Contractor seems like a smart idea. Often the service providers operate 24/7 and are just a call away. With professional help, you can get your appliances fixed and repaired quickly and efficiently, restoring their full functionality.

However, not every problem calls for professional help, and we can fix some of them on our own. The most recurring problem in ACs is faulty cooling. It is mainly because dirty air filters slow down and complicate the cooling process. Inspect the filters, in this case, and clean them for efficient cooling. 


The average lifespan of a refrigerator is seven years and ten months. A fridge is a machine that is always on, providing us with cold water and storing cold food. Since our food supply is dependent on its functioning, especially in the summer months, we cannot afford a refrigerator breakdown. Fortunately, though, refrigerators are easier to fix compared to ACs. 

A refrigerator may stop working for several reasons. Sometimes dust and hair (in the case of pets) accumulate on coils, causing the compressor to overheat. A quick fix is cleaning the coils by using a coil cleaning brush available at any local hardware store.

Refrigerators require door gaskets to prevent room temperature air from entering their system. For a long-lasting seal, apply a vinyl conditioner or thin layer of petroleum jelly to the vinyl strip of the gasket. As a result, excess moisture cannot enter the fridge and affect its cooling function.

Contact a professional service provider in severe cases, such as when a fridge leaks, a motor runs constantly, or the house temperature rises.

Microwave oven and cooking ranges

Cooking ranges and microwaves are essential for preparing food, so they need to be maintained in good working order. Cleaning them properly at least once a week is the most effective way to keep them working. Lucky for us, ovens and heaters are easier to clean than air conditioners and refrigerators.

For a cooking range, especially having trim rings and drip bowls, wipe out spilled food remains and oily stains after every usage. Otherwise, food sticks on the sides of the burner and becomes hard to remove after burning again and again. In such a situation, clean ranges and microwaves by applying a grease dissolving mixture such as a washing solution of baking soda, vinegar, and water. For cleaning top surfaces of ranges, use the razorblades to scrape off the sticky and greasy marks.

In the event that the burner does not receive the gas, check the pipe and the main gas supply source for loose connection or leakage. Tighten the pipe around the main source or change the pipe.

Washing machine and Dryer

Washing clothes and drying them is not a time-consuming task as long as you have a washing machine that functions properly. These electric appliances work with timers and motors and need regular pipe cleaning. If not, water will slowly seep into the motor, and the machine will stop working.

Make sure power and water are available before you conclude that a problem exists. Manufacturers often provide troubleshooting guides with home appliances, which are extremely helpful. Using this guide, you can identify the factors contributing to the problem, such as particles stuck in the water pump filter, clogs in the drain system, blockage in the rubber drain tube, a loose or broken drive belt, mechanical failure of the water pump, etc.

For fixing a choked tube, switch off the machine and examine the water pump. Most pumps have removable lids, so removing dust and debris can help clear a blocked pump.


Appliances have become a necessary part of our modern lives, and we would not be able to live normally without these technologies. It has become necessary for us to have air conditioners to cool our rooms, refrigerators to store our food, ovens and ranges to prepare meals, and washers and dryers to provide clean, neat clothes.

Appliances like these are expensive, and we cannot afford to buy them repeatedly. It is a good idea to keep an eye on these machines on a weekly basis to ensure proper functioning. If these machines encounter problems, try to identify the issue and repair them at home when the issue is minor. While facing complex technical difficulties, we can seek professional guidance and assistance. A quality service provider is always on hand for quick assessments and repairs of faulty machines. 

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