Real Estate Tips for Selling Your House in 2018

Getting your house and land ready for sale is not something you should do in a hurry. It’s a process that takes time because you need to do small repairs both in the interiors and exteriors. You probably also need to de-clutter the house, do some paintwork to give the house a facelift, assemble all the necessary documentation and also get a real estate agent. This whole process could take up more time than you envisage so you need to allocate sufficient time. If you are considering putting your house up for sale this year, here are some useful tips to help you do so fast and easy:

1. Get the house deeds ready

The first step to ensuring a successful sale of your house is to locate all the documents necessary to sell the property prior to putting it on the make. Often, the most important document is the house deed which is either held by a solicitor, a bank if you had handed it over for safe keeping. If it is in the possession of a bank, it may take you several weeks to get it back. Without having the relevant documents, you may experience delays in selling your property which can lead to loss of sales. To expedite the process, have your solicitor prepare the sale contract and involve him or her in the sale process.

2. Target millennials

Statistics show that by the end of 2018, millenials could constitute up to 43% of all home buyers seeking to get mortgage from banks. This group of buyers aged between 25 and 35 years old is the biggest purchasing group in the US at the moment. As you plan to sell your home, it is important that you understand what this millennials are looking for so you can know how to reach out for them as potential buyers of your property. For starters, millennials are increasingly opting to settle in suburbs. In 2016 alone, 57% of buyers aged below 36 purchased homes in suburbs while only 15% of buyers in the same age category opted to buy homes in urban pads.

At the same time, millennials are opting for neighborhoods that are within walking distance. This means that if your home is located near social amenities like cafes, it would be attractive to millenials. At the same time, home buyers are opting for homes that offer the exact space they need, and not so much more. To appeal to this growing category of buyers, tout an open-floor plan and show them how much they will save in utility bills by fitting solar panels and insulated water heaters. Consider installing storm windows in the house if you don’t have those in place as yet, millenials are opting for green features so those will be attractive to them.

3. Install smart features

These days, smart homes are being favored more because buyers are moving into homes with smart gadgets. Many home buyers already have personal products that are built on platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Echo or Apple Homepod so it is critical that the system in the home that you are looking to sell support these options. As a home seller, your house will attract buyers when you have smart features already installed because it meets their needs. Adding smart features to the home you want to sell also makes it more compatible with the homes that other big dealers in the field are selling.

4. Rate the energy efficiency

More than ever before, home buyers are more concerned with energy consumption. You need to have a BER certificate in order to market your home. In order to improve your BER ratings, consider undertaking simple upgrades to your home like renovations on pipeworks, walls, floors and attics. To improve energy efficiency in the home, consider installing an energy efficient boiler to replace the old one, insulate the cylinder for hot water, install new heating controls, and even replace light bulbs with models that are energy efficient.

5. Have the home inspected prior to the sale

Modern day buyers want to move into homes that are ready and void of any problems. This is because they live busy lives and opt to make things easier by finding homes they can just move into without worrying about their condition. To address the concerns such buyers might have about the condition of the home you are selling, have the home inspected before you put it out in the market. This will enable you identify possible area of repair and assure buyers that your home is in good condition once you place it in the market. However, having your home pre-inspected does not necessarily mean that buyers will not request for their own inspection.



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