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Are you an expert writer in real estate or construction and like to write for us in any of the topics related to real estate trends, construction ideas, real estate selling tips, real estate buying tips etc.,?

Then you are in the right place, just read the below tips to start write for us and submit your guest post in this real estate blog.

3 Reasons why you should do guest post in icyviolets blog

Guest posting is a great way to get yourself in front of targeted traffic related to real estate experts, home improvement lovers, kitchen makeover lovers etc.

This method puts you in front of another blogger’s readers.

In effect you are borrowing traffic from this real estate blog.

Guest posting has been used by many bloggers to gain new readers and subscribers.

Guest posting is simply writing a post and to be published on this home improvement blog.

You provide a post which has never been published online before.

We allow you to include a link back to your blog in exchange for publishing your content.

Real Estate, Construction Write For Us
Real Estate, Construction Write For Us

This method works so well for gaining readers for the following reasons

1. Birds of a feather flock together

When people are interested in a subject they like to get as much information as possible.

They like to find other blogs to keep up with their niche. And also read other points of views.

2. You get to expose your writing to a whole new audience

Readers of the host blog might not ever find your blog otherwise.

The key is to make sure you use your best content. Guest posting is about putting your best foot forward.

Quality content will showcase your knowledge of your niche. This is an excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your market.

3. You are established as an home improvement expert

As a guest poster you are viewed as expert because you are writing for the blog in the first place.

The readers figure the blog owner already considers you an expert on your subject matter. Otherwise you wouldn’t be allow to write in the first place.

Someone else has validated your ideas and views. You are borrowing the know, like and trust factors already established on the host blog.

This give you the chance to demonstrate your knowledge while bypassing readers marketing defenses.

And now I would like to invite you to write for us and get valuable backlink

Top 10 tips to write real estate blog for us

Real estate write for us.

It’s a well-known fact that people work with and refer to people who they know, like and trust.

Tips to write real estate blogs
Tips to write real estate blogs

Have you ever wished that there were a formula for crafting your expertise into a real estate or construction article that will showcase your knowledge, cement your credibility, build your relationship with your readers and promote your real estate property and services?

1. Find a problem in real estate to solve

Think back to conversations you’ve had with clients, potential clients, colleagues, family, friends and strangers. What are the common real estate problems and challenges that people in your target market face? If you don’t have a target market, get one!

2. Brainstorm many ideas

Get pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and rattle off as many real estate or construction ideas as you can think of that will solve that problem.

Don’t judge, filter or edit at this point, simply capture everything that comes to mind.

When you think you’re done, write for ten more minutes. Then, walk around for two minutes, come back and write some more.

3. Select the best

Ideally, let some time pass after you’ve brainstormed, so you can look at your list with fresh eyes.

Now filter through all of your real estate related ideas and choose your favourite ten points.

4. Refine your writing

Be sure that you’re trying to make just one clear point in each item.

You can choose to stay conversational and casual with your writing, or you can opt for a more professional style.

Either way, read it out loud for a sense of how naturally you’ve put the words together.

5. Be consistent

Make sure each of your point is approximately the same number of lines so it’s laid out nicely on the page.

Also, try and assemble your information consistently. If each point has a definition and an explanation, put them in the same order every time.

6. Make your points “pop.”

Choose your blog titles carefully. Many people will only scan your article.

If they like what they see in your titles, they might take the time to read the rest of the article.

If they like what they see there, they might take the time to click the link in your author information.

7. Start with a bang

Title your article.

Be as clever and creative as you can, but most importantly be clear about what the reader will get by clicking through to read your article.

Answer the question “why bother?”

8. Make an offer

At the end of your article, include an author information section (sometimes called a “resource box”) where you offer readers the opportunity to find out more about a specific product or service.

Whether it’s to sign-up for your newsletter, call you for a free consultation or visit your website, be sure to spell out exactly what you’d like the reader to do next (and why they should do it).

9. Recruit new eyes

Have another set of eyes look at your article before it’s published. Whether it’s a professional editor or not, they may be able to point out things you wouldn’t have seen, since you’re so “close” to the article.

10. Walk away

While you’re waiting for this feedback, give yourself a rest from the article.

File it away and work on other things for a day or two. Don’t let perfectionism get the better of you!

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