Reasons Why You Have a Large Water Bill

In Australia, water bills tend to be expensive at the best of times, so one could imagine that sinking feeling in your gut when a bill comes in that’s especially high. It’s not a good feeling, but it can happen to the best of us if we’re not careful.

If you receive an unnaturally high water bill one month, don’t be alarmed, and definitely don’t jump to the conclusion that the bill is wrong. There are all sorts of reasons why water consumption may spike and drop from month to month; some of which are at the fault of the consumer (like wasteful water consumption) and others that are solely due to external factors (like pipe leaks).

In either case, it’s important to know what causes high water bills so that you can know exactly how to prevent them. If problems persist, however, we recommend contacting your local professional plumber to help you solve the problem once and for all.

Bad Habits

High water consumption and subsequent energy bills is often thanks to personal habits that result in lots of water waste. While this is a major problem within Australia and other Western countries, but it is an easy fix if you know what preventative measures to take. The following are a few of the most common ways you may rack up your water bills if you’re not being extra cautious.

Leaving the Water Running When You Brush Your Teeth

This wastes a lot of water that you could be saving while you brush– especially if you are brushing as long as you should be. Turn the tap off after wetting your toothbrush and only turn it back on to rinse.

Taking Long Showers

We all know the benefits (environmentally and economically) of taking shorter showers, but many of us fail to follow through with it. Try to embrace fun ways to remind yourself to keep it short, like making shower playlists that are as long as your optimal shower should be.

Running the Washing Machine or Dishwasher When It’s Not Full

The less you put in the wash each time, the more often you have to run it. Rather than cleaning a load of dishes or laundry every time some are dirty, wait until you have enough to fill it up fully. If you are really desperate, wash your items by hand by filling up a basin of soapy water and another smaller one of clean water to clean the soap off.

Watering the Lawn Excessively

You should not water the lawn very often unless you live in a very warm and dry area, and even then, it pays to be conscious of how much water your lawn truly needs. If it is about to rain or just has rained, avoid watering it. Typically, you can water a few times a week maximum during summer and only as needed in winter.

Faulty Amenities

Another general reason why your bills might be abnormally high is because of broken or malfunctioning home amenities that are contributing to extra water expenditure. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, seek professional help immediately.

Constantly Running Toilet Water

A toilet that never stops running isn’t just annoying to listen to. It’s also a contributing factor to extra high bills, and a sign that you may have a serious plumbing problem. The first thing you should check is that your fill tube and flapper are placed properly and not worn out. If so, replace them. If they are alright, you may require professional assistance to help you solve the issue.

Leaky Pipes

When pipes are leaky, even just a little bit, lots of water can be wasted over time. Don’t let the problem go on long enough to push your water bills through the roof. You can try to tighten up the pipes yourself if possible, but it’s recommended that you get a plumber to do it for you, as there may be other co-occurring maintenance needs present that they have the proper tools to fix.

Drippy Faucets

Like leaky pipes, taps or shower heads that constantly drip can also cause a lot of wasted water to accumulate during the time that it goes unresolved. They can sometimes go for weeks or even months without anyone noticing or doing anything about it. If your water bills are high, however, it’s a sign that you should check your faucet for drips, no matter how minor they may be.

Malfunctioning Drip Irrigation System

Unlike standard sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems are designed to release water into the soil and (if all goes as planned) use less water than your average sprinkler setup. The one exception is if your irrigation system is leaking due to a cracked or loose pipe. If it is, a licensed plumber can help you repair or replace your irrigation system so that you can go back to watering your lawn as usual while keeping your water bill low.

If your personal habits are causing your water bill to be excessively high, you know what to do to tackle the issue at its root. But if you suspect that faulty amenities are at play, perhaps you should turn to your local commercial or domestic plumber for professional guidance.

There are plenty of professional plumbers within Melbourne and elsewhere who are ready to assist you with any sort of general or emergency plumbing service. Upon assessment, they can also provide you with more information about why your bills may be as high as they are.

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