Roll Up Shades – Operate Effortlessly With This Latest Feature

Roll Up Shades

Roll up shades come in two different options. First is the spring roller shades which is what most people associate with roll up shades, you grab the bottom and give a little tug to raise or lower. The second is a cord loop system. This is a continuous chain that always stays the same length. In this article I will highlight some benefits as well as some disadvantages of the cord loop system.

Roll up shades with a cord loop control are very easy to operate. The cord is usually made of beaded plastic that is very strong. To operate you simple rotate the cord to raise or lower the shade. If you like your shade at a precise level then you’ll like this control.

Can you reach the top of your windows? With a spring roller shades you can only raise them as high as you can reach. With the cord loop system height is out of the equation. You don’t have to be 6 ft tall to open your shades completely.

They are also great for hard to reach places. Can operate the shade by reaching over a piece of furniture, or over a kitchen sink where sometimes, it can be a hard stretch over the counter top. This control makes it pretty easy.

The drawbacks are they have large gaps on the sides. I think this is one of the biggest issues customers have. Roll up shades with a cord loop have about 3/4 inch gaps on each side. This may not be the most ideal shade if your looking for total room darkening. You will get light coming through on the sides.

As with any corded window treatment child safely is a concern. All roll up shades regardless of the manufacture with come with some type of clip to attach the cord to the wall or inside the frame.If child safety is a concern I suggest using the clip to attach the cord and prevent young children from getting tangled up.

Another issue but is true with all roll up shades is they may not roll up and down perfectly straight. Also that into consideration that all windows are not square and what you end up with is uneven gaps at the sides. At the top the gap may be 3/4 inch and at the bottom it may be 1/4 inch. If this is the kind of thing that would drive you crazy, be warned.

So we just covered some benefits and disadvantages of roll up shades with a cord loop system. I like this feature and prefer it over a spring roller shades. It is easy to operate, easy to reach, preferred for tall windows and over sinks, but they do have bigger gaps on the sides that can be uneven. I hope this helps you make a more informed decision when purchasing roll up shades. Good luck.

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