Roof Maintenance Tips That You Can Carry Out By Yourself

Roof Maintenance Tips

When it comes to home maintenance many people are often guilty of overlooking their roofs because they are a little out of sight, out of mind. This common neglect of roof maintenance is what leads to the need for roof repairs and in some cases, even the need for a complete roof replacement.

Roof maintenance, however, can be quite dangerous and foremost roofing works such as repairs, replacing, or conversions, you need to contact professionals like who are fully qualified, insured, and have the expertise and skill to carry out roofing works efficiently.

So… what can you actually do by yourself to keep on top of your roof maintenance without the need of a professional roofer? Read below our top tips on how homeowners can stay on top of their own roof maintenance.

Inspect your roof

Inspecting your roof regularly will allow you to detect any issues early on that could end up causing the need for costly repairs further down the line. A good rule of thumb is to check your roof annually, and after any harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow, rainfall or wind, as these types of weather conditions can have an impact on your roof. 

Ideally, the minimum times you should aim to inspect your roof should be around three times per year. Make sure to check in the right seasons, so early in spring after the winter months, as well as early autumn as summer UV rays can affect the top layer of your roof, leaving it more prone to leaks as shingles can become cracked.

What to look out for during your roof inspections

  • Clogged gutters filled with debris
  • Damaged or missing roof shingles, tiles or slates
  • Damaged drains
  • Interior leaks or wet dampness from roofing
  • Moss or algae

Roof gutters should be cleaned regularly

A clogged up gutter that is left untreated often leads to leaky roofs as standing water will eventually lead to splitting the roof which is what allows water to seep through into your property. You should make sure that any leaves or other debris such as branches from trees are cleaned out from your roof gutters whenever you see them start to build up. 

You can clean a gutter from the ground but it is more effective if you use a ladder to reach the gutters in order to see how much debris is being removed. There is a certain level of risk that comes with working from heights and if you are someone who isn’t good with heights. Contact your local roofing company to carry out the job.

The good thing about requiring the services of professional roofing contractors is that you can be confident in their capabilities and skills to carry out a gutter cleaning job effectively.

Trim away overhanging trees

Although having trees surround your home can be quite scenic and offer shade when you need it most, overhanging or low hanging trees can actually end up causing damage to your roof. This is because the fallen branches and leaves can scrape and wear out roof materials and as we have already discussed, the debris build up in gutters can also lead to roof damage and eventually leaks.

You can use a standard tree pruner tool to cut away the overhanging branches that are placed on your roof.

Remove any build-up of moss or other alageas

Moss may appear to be harmless for your roof but if left untreated, moss causes roofs to deteriorate and significantly reduce a roof’s lifespan. So if you want to avoid costly roof replacement further down the line, you should be removing any moss or algae build-up.

You should never attempt to remove moss on your roof with a jet wash cleaner as this can damage the shingles and remove the granules from the roof. Instead, use normal water with a soft-bristle brush and make sure you gently scrub to avoid damaging the roof. Then you can apply a DIY moss removal cleaning solution to help get the job done.

Contact a reputable roofing company

If you are in doubt about carrying out any roofing maintenance on your own, then the most effective roof maintenance you can do is to hire the help from professional roofing contractors who will be able to spot any issues early on and provide the best course of action to help keep your roof in top condition. If you happen to search for ‘roofers Bath’, A.L King is a trusted company in the area. Always try to remember that prevention is better than cure and detecting roofing issues early on will undoubtedly save you money on your roof in the long run.

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