Roof Valley Leak: A Problem that Needs Professional Attention

Roof Valley Leak

Roof valley leaks require professional repair service. It is very complicated to fix damages on closed valleys because it will require the removal of surface shingles and reinstallation of metal roof flashings that connect the roof to the walls. If a leak develops in the valleys of your roof, you can call roof repair expert and our roofing experts will quickly inspect the causes of leaks and perform the necessary repairs.

Common Causes For Roof Valley Leak:

  • Improper installation of roof nails to pipe flashing
  • Roof nails exposed in flashing to close to roof vent pipe.
  • Improper sealed around pipe collar or no sealant.
  • Leak originating from a different area and finding an
    opening at the vent pipe.

Roof valley leaks can be caused by improperly placed roofing nails. Roof nail fasteners should not be placed too close to the center line of the valley. The tension created and indentations surrounding the installation of fasteners may crack open some parts of the valley. These cracks are usually not visible when you inspect your valley.

This is because the metal fasteners are located underneath the roof shingles. To repair the cracks we will have to remove the overlaying shingles on your roof valley. Roof nail fasteners would have to be pulled out and the sealed with adequate roof sealant. The fasteners then would have to be placed a little wide outside the center line of the valley in order to avoid recurrence of the problem. The shingles then would have to be refastened over the valley edges to ensure adequate waterproofing.

Another source of a valley leak could come from the shingles. Normally, shingles provide adequate protection. Shingles in good condition ensure that the connections in your roof valley system will be water tight. Deteriorated, cracked, blown out, curling, and broken shingles can cause innumerable damage to the underlying membrane of the valley.

Water will definitely seep through broken shingles. Clawing shingles will also accommodate backing up water. Blown out roof shingles on the other hand will definitely expose the inner roofing materials to rain or snow. All these will cause leaks and the best way to solve these problems is to call roof repair expert. Through 35 years of continued roof repair service, roof repair expert has encountered every type of shingle damage. And our roofing contractors can spot on first glance what could be causing the leak on your valley.

Don’t Do It Yourself, the Problem Maybe Bigger

Sometimes, roof valley leaks are caused by holes in the metal joints. You can easily patch those holes along the aluminum or metal joints, but you really don’t know if the underlying roofing materials are still in good condition. Patching holes in the valley joint can temporarily solve the problem.

However, if you want to ensure that everything is in order and you want your roof to last for another 40 years, you will need the assistance of professional roofers in determining the condition of the roof valley structures. Preempting any roof problem can save you from a lot of trouble and expense in possible roof repair or replacement. A well maintained roof valley system means you can extend the service of your roofing system.

In Northern Virginia, roof repair expert is synonymous to trust and excellent workmanship when it comes to roof leak repairs, roof installation, and emergency roof repair service. Since its inception 3 decades ago, our company has continued to give quality roof repair services to our clients. You can also take advantage of our services by requesting a free estimate of your roofing needs and requirements. So whenever your roof valley develops a leak, don’t hesitate to call roof repair expert and your problem will surely go away 

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