The Complexities of Roof Vent Pipe Repair: Let the Professionals Do the Job

Roof Vent Pipe Repair

Having a roof vent pipe repair is a practical option if your roof develops a faulty roof vent system. We specializes in all kinds of roof vent pipe repair and installation. Roof vent pipes are vertical fixtures that go through your roof.

It is designed to provide adequate ventilation for some house appliances like your water heater, furnace, or wood burner. Since your house may have a lot of appliances that need proper ventilation, your roof would normally have one or two vents which are really necessary in order for waste gas and fumes to exhaust from your house.

Common Causes Roof Vent Pipe Repair

  • Improper installation of roof nails to pipe flashing
  • Roof nails exposed in flashing to close to roof vent pipe.
  • Improper sealed around pipe collar or no sealant.
  • Leak originating from a different area and finding an
    opening at the vent pipe.

Normally, vent pipes would not cause much headache. However, as in other parts of your roofing system, if the roof vent pipe is installed haphazardly it would definitely be the cause of common roof leaks. That’s why we ensure that the installation and proper spacing of your roof vents would be done correctly and in accordance with existing building codes so that you will not be plagued by constant roof vent pipe repair.

Roof vent pipes are usually fastened by metal flashings. These are the materials that seal the spaces between the vents and roof tiling. Sometimes the metal flashings may be compromised due to corrosion or improper installation. Water then can seep through your roof because of the existence of minute cracks on the flashings and a leak will surely develop inside your house. If this happens, you will definitely need a roof vent pipe repair.

There are two types of roof vent pipe flashings designed for certain roof types. For a vent pipe installed on pitched roofs, flashing materials consist of a flat sheet metal that will be cut to cover the round pipe and a metal collar that seals the circumference of the pipe’s base. For flat roofs, vent pipes are normally flashed with a flat metal base that will surround the whole vent. Usually it is coupled with a pipe casing that goes through the roof. Roof Repair, VA has vast experience in installing these types of roof vent pipe flashings.

How do We Fix Damaged Vent Pipes

Correcting problems with roof vent pipes are not simple as it may seem. Professional roofers of Roof Repair, VA can do roof vent pipe repair with the assurance that you will get excellent workmanship and superior service.

When doing roof vent pipe repair, roofing contractors will pry the shingles covering the base of vent pipes. This is a delicate process because a single error can damage the roof shingles. Next, the roofer will lift the damaged flashing from its base. This is done by wedging a pry bar beneath the edges of metal flashings and pulling it out by leveraging the other side of the bar with a small block of wood. One miscalculation in this operation will usually result to damaged shingles surrounding the vent and can tear some of your roof waterproofing. That is why it would be better and more practical to call experts for your roof vent pipe repair.

The next part of roof vent pipe repair is more complicated. The roofer will now lift the flashing base over the pipe. It is very important not to misalign the pipe because it will affect the lower supporting materials of your roof vent. After this, every nail that have been left will be pulled out; all holes will have to be filled up with superior roof cement to ensure that the roof maintains its water tight integrity.

A new set of flashings will have to be placed but this will need precision. The roofer will ensure that it will align with the original protective base collar and nailed to fasten the new flashing. Roof cement would then be applied to the newly installed flashing to cover small openings and cracks. After all these are done, roof shingles would have to be put back in place and secured using roof nails and cement. Your roof vent pipe now is restored to its pristine condition.

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