7 essential habits to practice to save on your home utility bills

If you have been paying your bills for a few years, you know that bills can get out of hand if they are not well managed and controlled. Some people pay up to $500 on electricity bills only. When things are tight financially, bills as high as $500 could be catastrophic. Due to the increase in gas prices, utility bills have increased as well. During the summer season, electricity bills tend to rise because of the equipment people use to regulate temperature. What happens if you want to control your utility bills without having to move to a new place? In most households, most of the energy used goes to water, heating, and cooling. However, everybody could enjoy saving an extra dollar for the bills. In this article, you get to learn what you can do to save some extra cash from your utility bills.

1. Adding Attic Insulation

The U.S Department of Energy (USDE) believes that most of the energy in your home escapes to the attic. The reason is that when heat rises, it is not stopped because most houses do not have insulation on top. As a result, it manages to escape. Fiberglass insulation is affordable, and the good thing is that you can install it yourself. Even if you do not have any skills when it comes to home improvement, you can add some insulation to your attic. You could notice a major difference in your bills. According to Energy Star, you can save up to 20% on the heating and cooling costs the moment you properly insulate your home. For people that are scared of adding insulations themselves, feel free to search online. You can get some excellent DIY tutorials that can easily take you through the whole process.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Once you install a programmable thermostat, you are likely to save at least 10% of your utility bill. The project of installing a thermostat may seem complicated, but the good thing is that every new one comes with a user manual that has detailed instructions. As long as you can turn your thermostat down during winter and up during summer, you are guaranteed to save some cash. You need to set a temperature for winter and summer and ensure that you get used to it. When you are out of the house, ensure that you turn off the thermostat. When you come back home from work or other errands, you can turn on the thermostat and adjust it to normal temperature. With an investment of about $70, you can get a programmable thermostat that can help you save on energy bills.

3. Wash your Clothes using Cold Water

Most people do not know that 90% of the energy used by washers is consumed by heating the water. Since most Americans prefer to wash their clothes using washers, using cold water could help you save some cash. When you heat the water in the washer, you end up spending more money as compared to someone who prefers using the washer to pump cold water only. If you want to save a lot of electricity, make a sacrifice and wash your clothes with cold water.

4. Insulate Outlets and Light Switches

Most people tend to forget to insulate outlets and light switches because they do not know that they are the source of air leaks. From any hardware, you can be able to get the specialized outlet and switch plate seals at affordable prices. The good thing is that the insulation is specifically made for switch plates and outlets. Therefore, you do not need to worry about them catching fire.

5. Applying Weather Stripping

The purpose of installing weather stripping is to reduce drafts. The advantage is that it is easy to install. Weather stripping ensures that the air outside stays out. Additionally, you can be able to keep out rain and retain the air inside. Weather stripping is a project that is inexpensive and easy to set up. Try it and see the difference it can make in your utility bills. Again, you do not need to have any home improvement skills to carry out this kind of installation.

6. Make sure that you Cook Strategically

For you to heat up your oven, you need to use up a lot of energy. If you want to cook something small, you do not need to use your oven. Instead, you can opt to use a toaster oven since it saves energy and is handy. You can also bake cookies and pies using your toaster oven. The toaster oven makes your cooking process faster because the space that needs to be heated is smaller than the one on the main oven. If you are looking for a house Brisbane that will help you save on your utility bills, consult Brisbane Electrical CLF services so that you can get excellent advice and services. Microwaves also consume less energy as compared to ovens. Therefore, heat your meals using a microwave.

7. Invest in Fans

Fans use less energy as compared to central heating and cooling systems. Ceiling fans can save you money during winter and summer. Most of the ceiling fans are equipped with buttons that change the direction of the rotation. During winter, adjust the fan to clockwise so that the cool air is pushed up and warm air down. On the other hand, adjust the fan to anti-clockwise during summer to bring the cool air down. If you live in an apartment that does not allow people to install fans, you can get pedestal fans. You should try your best to find something that can replace a thermostat.


When planning to save money on utility bills, ensure that you identify the things in your home that use water and energy. Avoid using dishwashers and water heaters. Instead, look for things that use less energy during their operation. If you hope to save a few dollars when it comes to paying your utility bills, follow the steps mentioned in this article. Many people end up spending so much on their utility bills because they do not understand what consumes the most energy in their houses.

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