3 Main Services Every Professional Roofing Company Should Offer

Professional Roofing Inspection

Remodeling a home or renovations fall under the upkeep of your roof as well. Without a roof, you really do not have a house. The roof on a home is an integral part of a house’s design. Not only does it raise a home’s value, it serves as the backbone of a building’s framework.

Without a roof in place, you’d be subject to the adversity of weather extremes – extremes that include howling winds, blowing rains, and cold and hot dry temperatures. Therefore, the choice of a roofing company must be taken seriously.

Roofing Company San Diego Based Services

If you work with a roofing company San Diego renovation contractor, carefully review its services. Besides providing roofing services, it should also be knowledgeable about renovation. With this added knowledge, a roofer understands all the dynamics needed to install and maintain a roof.

Therefore, your goal is to find a roofing company that offers services that focus on installation, repair, and upkeep. 

1. Roofing Installations and Renovations

When choosing a company that installs roofs, you need to ask the following questions:

  • Does the company have experience in installing various types of roofing materials?
  • Does it have direct experience in installing the type of roof my building needs?
  • Does it install roofing accessories and supports such as soffits and fascia?*

A soffit is an important component of a roof installation as it regulates the temperature inside a house. While the soffit draws cooler air into its venting system, the home’s hot moist air escapes through the exhaust vents of the roof. 

The roof’s fascia adds curb appeal to a home as it makes the roof look neat and finished.

The contractor you choose should know the differences in roof replacements for flat roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, and asphalt. They should know how roofing materials are used on roofs based on the slope (pitch), angles, and size of a roof. For example, the placement of an asphalt roof requires different installation methods than when you install asphalt or tile.

2. Roofing Repair Services

A qualified roofing contractor also should provide repair services. A contractor can help you decide between repair or replacement based on the following criteria:

  • The age of the roof. If an older roof requires ongoing repairs, it is usually time to replace it.
  • Roof leaks. Leaks in roofs can cause water stains and damage.  Some may not be apparent so a roofing contractor should be well versed in finding and repairing leaks whether hidden or apparent.
  • Roof damage. The damage a roof sustains can show up as wear, bald spots, cracks, or rust. A professional roofer can assess the extent of the damage so a recommendation for repair or replacement can be made.

3. Maintenance and Upkeep

Once a new roof is installed, the contractor you choose should offer regular maintenance and upkeep. This usually includes regular inspections on a biannual basis. In addition, a reputable company is always on-call in case your roof sustains storm damage.

Work with a Full Service Roofing Contractor

The roofing company you choose should be focused on helping you in all facets of installing, repairing, and maintaining a roof. Remember, your roof is the backbone of your home’s design so the choice of a roofer is an important consideration.

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