Seven Ways To Modernise Your House


Traditional houses have existed for so long and have been a go-to for many people, especially first-time homeowners. While having a traditional home is beautiful in its own way, it is 2022, and some people find their tastes changing. People want to transform their houses; modern house designs, specifically, have been increasing in the past few years. If you’ve been picturing what it would be like to have your house renovated to suit your new vision, you can consider modernising your home too!

This task does seem complicated and intimidating at first. However, with a few tweaks here and there and finding help from architects, residential painting contractors, or house constructors (if you prefer), the result will be worth it. Here are some tips to help you achieve this modernised look for your house. 

Repaint your walls

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Applying a new layer of paint is one of the simplest and best ways to have your interiors look modern. Faded paint or worn-out walls can definitely take away from the contemporary look that you want to achieve, so giving a fresh look to your walls is already a big step to transforming your home.

The modern look also relies on minimalist and clean designs; using the right paint palette can help you get this. Most modern houses have off-white walls and neutral colours, as these give off that simple feel. While you’re not necessarily restricted to these neutral colours, they (especially off-white) create the illusion of having more open spaces.

Create that open space


Having an open space is another aspect of modern houses. Modern homes have open floor plans compared to traditional houses, where you’ll find different rooms separated through walls. So, for example, a modern house would have these in one open space instead of having separate rooms for your kitchen, dining room, and living room.

You can look around your house and consider reconstructing the walls so they do not separate several rooms. It’s best to find an architect or designer to help you develop an open floor plan based on your house’s current design. If you’re not up for that major renovation, try to find a way to reorganise your furniture. For example, group your couches and place them in an area of your living room that would allow ample space for people to walk around instead of taking up a lot of space.  

It also helps to get rid of the excess clutter or hide these first. Remember that simplicity is key to getting that modern look, so choose the items or decorations that aren’t too over-the-top and match the rest of your things to your colour scheme. 

Change your storage spaces

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If you’re removing stuff from the main areas of your house, you should also consider finding the best storage for them. One storage idea is to have open shelves. For example, if you have some photos or books that you want in your living room, you can place them on an open rack. Not only are these functional, but having these shelves on your wall can contribute to the modern design of your house. 

You can also invest in modern-style cabinets, especially if your current cabinets have gone through so much over the years and need significant changes. Flat cabinet doors and symmetrical designs give a clean line look that helps complete the modern design of a house. Find these kinds of cabinets and organise them to make your room look like it’s flowing smoothly. 

Use glass materials

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Going back to the concept of having open space, another way to achieve this is to use open windows or modern sliding glass doors. This not only creates the illusion of having your rooms look more open, but it seemingly connects the interior to the exterior, another aspect of modern design. 

Additionally, glass, along with metal and concrete, are materials that are most commonly used for modern houses. Large surfaces made of these, compared to small tiles or short pieces of wood that you would mostly see in traditional houses, give off a more simple and contemporary look. 

Update your house lighting

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Similar to good lighting in art galleries or stages, having the best lighting in your home makes the space look much better. Dim or poorly lit rooms make the area look smaller or cramped than when the room has sufficient lighting. Strategically place and use enough light fixtures to ensure that space in your house is evenly lit. For example, if you see a spot in your bedroom that is a bit darker than the rest, you can place a lamp to light that spot enough to match the rest of your room. 

Besides this, if you’re up for it and wouldn’t mind spending more, you can always invest in buying light fixtures with more contemporary designs. You can also take it further by installing smart lighting in your house. Control LED lights using an app, a home assistant, or others to dim, change the hues, or even turn them on and off simultaneously without flicking switches.

Update outdated counters 

You can also consider updating your counters. Having outdated counters in your kitchen or bathroom can get in your way from entirely having that contemporary look for your house. One way to do this is by having new countertops. Consider using granite, laminate, or engineered stone to contribute to the modernised design. 

Don’t leave out the house’s exteriors

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While changing the interiors significantly affects how your house looks modern, your house’s exterior is just as important – it is the first thing that you and your neighbours see. You can make simple changes like repainting your door, placing some outdoor lights, and even doing modern landscaping. You can start small with simple shrubs or easy-to-grow plants. Putting in enough care for the outside reflects your interior, allowing you to accomplish a modern look for your entire house. 

Transforming your house into something more contemporary takes a long process, but it’s a renovation that’s worth it at the end. Countless ways can entirely change your home from having a traditional to a modern design. Hopefully, these tips can help you visualise where to start and what you can do to get started. 

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