Simple Closet Ideas For Bedroom Cabinet

Everyone has had to clean out the closet at one point or another. Once the rubble has been cleared, you are left with a rod, some hangers, and all of your clothing.

After hanging up all the clothes you can, the rest is put into boxes, or even worse, drawers, or even on the closet floor. You need a closet system, bad.

What is a Closet System?

Closet systems are the best kept secret of interior decorators and designers alike. No two closet systems are exactly the same, but without one, the results are consistent, wasted space, chaos, and possible damaged clothing.

There is a much better way. Just like any other room, your closet is simply a geometric space to be filled. Do not let the single rod and pile of hangers limit your closet potential. With the help of a closet system, you could be drastically improving your open space usage, making things easy to locate, display, and even rotate.

Most closets have only 50% or less of their area put to good use, and part of that is wasted on bulky traditional hangers and horizontal cramming. It’s no wonder people complain of not having enough closet space.

Visually appealing, time savers, and organizational masterpieces, closet storage systems are the perfect way to have the closet you always dreamed of without calling in the contractors.

With hooks, racks, hangers, and collapsible storage boxes, a basic closet storage system package would get you a long way on the road to closet perfection.

One of the pieces of storage equipment that is standard in most systems is the cascading hanger hook. These hooks allow you to link more than one item in a vertical chain, saving you up to 150% of the room taking up by hanging the same items on single hangers.

Slimmer yet stronger hangers than wooden or plastic hangers, withstand greater weights awhile preventing wrinkles offer a great improvement over the weak, clothing distorting hangers currently still used by many people.

Why use your closet for storing hangers when it should be used to hold your personal clothing and accessories?

These are just a few of the example of product solutions that are often considered when choosing a closet system. It has already been stated that no two closet systems are alike, because the options are limitless.

You need to take into consideration the types of clothing you have, your other storage needs, and any aesthetic wishes you may have. The sky is the limit. With a closet storage system in place, it might be hard to leave your wardrobe.

Closet Storage Systems Make For a Better Closet

Closet storage systems help you to get rid of untidy closet pile up, save you precious time, and even add a touch of style to a mundane wardrobe. Do you find yourself using the floor of your closet as a final storage spot for seldom used items?

Are you constantly digging through drawers and boxes of crumple clothing? Do your clothes hang in a compressed row, simple an accordion of future ironing tasks?

You can either call in a contractor to start tearing down walls, or you can become acquainted with closet storage systems.

Closet storage systems are the best thing since sliced bread. You can hang all of your clothes up wrinkle free and in a highly organized and simple to maintain manner. Your days of sock drawer scavenger hunts and ties creased beyond repair are finally over.

Storage closet systems simply utilize the geometry of your closet to its fullest extent, while at the same time creating an organized, visually enlightened wardrobe environment.

There are several key improvements that closet storage systems provides the closet owner.

1. Space savings

Closet storage systems use simple, click together sets of linkable hangers to tier your clothing into “sets” that hang vertically as well as horizontally on the central rod.

This can give you as much as 50% more storage space while making clothing choices for the day as simple as grabbing a set, instead of searching endlessly for multiple single items separately.

2. Your other clothing is never forgotten

The hanger and single rod system has been the mainstay of closets everywhere for a long time. One of the major problems however, is that traditional hangers are designed for the hanging of shirts and jackets, and maybe the occasional pair of slacks, but little else.

There is so much more to the average person’s wardrobe. There are ties, belts, socks, jewelry, and even blankets and other household items that often find their way into our closets.

Closet storage systems provide the solutions to ALL of your clothing storage needs, including specific product designs used to sort, display, and protect all of your additional clothing accessories.

3. Storage that cares

Closet storage systems not only sort, organize, and display your clothing and other items in a closet so that they look good and are easy to access, but the long term care of your clothing can also be improved with the use of such a simple tool. Hangers that do not wrinkle, crease, fade fabric, or stain (yes many hangers are the reason for those mysterious discoloration stains), protective coverings and specially designed storage boxes, even odor elimination are aspects not overlooked by quality closet storage systems.

With so many advantages, including the ability to set up in minutes, closet storage systems make a major improvement in home design and organization for millions with clothing storage woes.

How to Maximize Storage Space With Closet Systems

Storage space is a coveted commodity in a society where everything, including living space seems to be getting smaller. Do not despair – that extra storage space is available to you without moving or renovating your home. The way to gain extra storage space in your closets is with closet systems.

Closet systems are designed to maximum every inch of space while organizing your items so that they are easy to retrieve and replace. When things are easy to find, you save a lot of time and a lot of frustration. How does it feel when you are running late for work and you can’t find your favorite shirt?

You rummage through a pile of clothes at the bottom of your closet looking for it. You start to wonder if those clothes are clean or dirty.

Everything is heaped together and you can’t find a thing. With a good closet organizer, your space is divided into compartments where your clothes are divided by type and are easily accessible.

Before embarking on the task of choosing a closet system that is right for you, start by discarding all the things you do not need or do not wear.

You will be surprised by how much space you will suddenly have when all those items have been given away. Not only will you gain valuable space but the lack of clutter will make it easier to find the things you really do wear.

To maintain a clutter free closet, live by the rule, when a new thing comes in an old thing goes out. There is always something in your closet that you can give away. Whenever you buy something new, make sure that something old and unused is given away.

Once you have divided and conquered your wardrobe, take a good hard look at the things you possess.

If you have a huge amount of shoes, you will need to look for a closet system that will have extra space for shoes. If you have many skirts and dresses, you will need ample room for hanging these items which are longer then pants and shirts.

If you are buying a closet system for your children’s room, make sure the dimensions accommodate their smaller size. If your child can’t reach the hook to hang up his jacket, how do you expect him to keep his room clean? Make sure there is amply space for their sports equipment and toys.

How Closet Organizer Systems Make Your Life Easier

Closet organizer systems are the newest wave in inexpensive interior design improvements. They help you to organize your closets in ways that save you space, add convenience to your life, save you time, and improve the aesthetic appeal of any storage area.

Most people do not realize that the majority of individuals use their closets on an average of 4 to 9 times a day. That’s a lot of time to spend in an area that most people would see as an insignificant part of their homes.

Think of all the times when you have looked for a piece of clothing because it was not where you thought it was, and after searching through drawers and boxes, you finally find it, wrinkled beyond use or stained due to improper storage.

Or the time you spend going between your hanger rack and other storage areas to finally complete your clothing ensemble for the day. Wouldn’t it be easier if everything was in one convenient place, and left undamaged and protected until its next use?

Closet organizer systems help you to make such hassles a thing of the past, add flare to your interior design, and finally allow you to do the unthinkable, put all of the things you want in your closet without worry.

From utilizing vertical space, to providing long term clothing protection, there are several ways that closet organizer systems make your life easier as opposed to using traditional single hanger and rod setups.

Closet organizer systems take an unruly and collapsing closet, and transform it into a Mecca of household storage and display. No longer will you close the door behind you so that no one sees you get items out of “the cave”. Your new closet will allow you to select items without care and without endless item reshuffling.

Cascading hanger hooks will now hold 3 times more clothing in the same space as before, and you can now sort your items, by color, size, or completed outfits, in seconds.

Collapsible storage boxes make storing and retrieving your winter garments and bedding a breeze. They will never be in your way, yet easily accessible when the time comes.

Accessory hooks and alternate storage methods will allow you to keep your belts, jewelry, and ties safely within reach and out of harm’s way. No more frantic drawer digging madness.

Yes, closet organizer systems do make your life easier. In fact, that is their main purpose, and they complete it well.

Best and Simple Closet Ideas For Bedroom Cabinet

It can be extremely frustrating to maneuver around your cluttered closet especially in the morning when you are looking for clothing to wear. It is possible to improve the situation with a few simple closet ideas. Implementing these ideas will make finding your clothes a lot easier.

1. Organize your closet

The first thing to keep in mind when you set out to organize your closet is to make the best use of all the available space. This means using all the space available to you starting from the ceiling and going all the way down to the floor.

High shelves are best used for things you don’t use often. You can store these items in plastic storage boxes. Buy the transparent kind so that you can see what is inside without having to haul down the box and open it.

2. Add additional clothing rod

Another idea for those who have at least a 9 foot high ceiling is to add an additional clothing rod in order to hang out of season clothing. If you want to store shoes in your closet, you should place them at eye level.

When the shoes are placed at eye level, you do not have to rummage through it to get something to wear. To maximize the space available, you can use the area behind the closet door.

Place some hooks and hang your hats, coats, purses and, ties and belts. If the space behind the door is limited, you can simply place a full length mirror on the door.

3. Choose right type of lighting

Another useful idea is to think about what type of lighting you have in or near your closet. If it is too dark, you won’t be able to easily find what you need.

On the flip side, make sure there is not too much natural light entering the closet. If the sun shines directly on your clothing they can easily fade, especially in the hot summer months. The best type of light to use is fluorescent lighting

4. Revamp old closet

If you are setting up a closet from scratch you have the luxury of planning out the set up before you put your things inside. Even if you are revamping an old closet you can still change it around to make it more organized.

Taking into account the types of clothing your store in your closet will make it easier to plan for proper hanging and shelf space. If you are lacking drawers, you can substitute them with plastic baskets or bins. These can be placed on an easily accessible shelf and used for such items as socks, underwear, scarves, ties or belts.

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