A Simple Guide on Bed Frames

bed frames

Beds are a must-have in everyone’s life. Once the day ends, we all want to be at home in our cozy beds, getting some sleep for the next day. The comfort of your bed is extremely vital to overcome everyday fatigue, and while the mattress is essential, the bed frame can also make all the difference in the world. Finding good bed frames is not difficult these days as you can shop online. But to get the right bed frame according to your preference, you will first have to know about the different bed frames available within the market.

Different Types of Bed Frames


A simple bed frame is one of the most basic bed frames available in the market. It only comes with legs that hold up the bed beams and does not have a headboard or a footboard. You would have to purchase both of them separately.


The standard bed frame is always low to the ground and has a footboard and headboard. This type of bed frame requires you to purchase box springs to lift up the mattress.


Wood frames are usually made of very sturdy and thick wood. These beds are easy to customize but are known to be on the heavier side. Thus, assembling them can be difficult. You will not need a box spring most of the time, but some wooden bed frames might require one; thus, it is best to read the product description before purchasing.


Metal bed frames are known to be quite sturdy but have a simple design to them. This type of bed frame can withstand a lot of weight. You can find metal bed frames in a variety of styles. Some metal bed frames may or may not have a headboard. 


An upholstered bed frame has fabric wrapped around it. This fabric can be made from velvet, faux leather, or even suede. Upholstered bed frames come in a variety of designs and often have button studs or embroidery on them.


These stunning bed frames are known to have a vintage look. Brass can be found in a variety of colors ranging from gold to silver or even yellow. Generally speaking, if you purchase a brass bed frame, the more silver it is, the cheaper the quality.


These bed frames always have a remote attached to them to adjust the bed into several pressure-relieving positions. It was primarily created for people who experience pain while they sleep on regular beds, and you will often find similar beds in hospitals or clinics.


There are many things you will have to look into before purchasing a bed. You may want a bed with extra storage or one that can be assembled easily. The type of bed frame you are buying will depend on your needs. Just be sure that the bed frame you purchase is made of good material.

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