Simple Home Decor Swaps to Make for Christmas

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Christmas is coming! For some that means it is time to bake some mince pies, introduce festive fragrances, and embrace all things green, red and gold. For others it can be the simple act of dressing the Christmas tree up on the 24th of December and then eating your weight in festive delights for the following three days. 

Wherever you are on the Christmas spectrum, from The Grinch to Santa Claus, most households like to make little festive changes to get in the mood. 

This is great news for home decor lovers as almost everyone comes out to play and the stunning home collections can be appreciated by all. 

This piece is going to discuss the little, simple swaps you can make in your home for Christmas to bring that vibe on a budget and with minimal effort. 

Swap Flowers for Festive Plants 

Unfortunately, the end of blooms is approaching rapidly as we make our way into fall and winter, so those who love a big bunch of flowers to brighten up their day could be left with a bouquet-shaped hole. Not to worry, though, as using festive plants can look just as gorgeous as a bunch of flowers, but it will also give you that festive feeling! 

Some of the plants you can find in your garden include but are not limited to:

  • Ferns
  • Mistletoe
  • Holly
  • Red currents 
  • Red creepers 

These plants can create a stunning ensemble, and can last a really long time as well. If you want to get even snazzier, you can add glitter to the leaves too for a sparkly twist. 

Plants such as these can also make excellent centerpieces- just add pinecones, moss, and candles for a really unique piece!

Swap Out Regular Home Decor 

Turning your home into the embodiment of the Christmas spirit can be done with one easy step. It requires you to swap out your regular home decor with something much more festive. 

If you are looking for some inspiration, some of the easiest things to swap out include:

Get Creative 

If you want to go the extra mile, this tip is less of a simple swap tip and more of an additional extra, so consider having a go; using art supplies can make a world of difference to what you already have. You are only a bit of glitter, some colored card, and some scissors and glue away from some beautiful hanging decorations. In addition, why not get your hands on some Christmas tree decorations and stencils, and get some fake snow on your window for a simple decoration hack? 

Christmas should be a fun and creative time in your home, and switching your environment up to reflect the festivities will not only benefit you and those in your home by keeping your spirits up, but it can also make everything feel Christmassy; cozy, calm, and magical – and we all need a bit of magic in our lives!

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