10 Simple Home Renovations You Can Do Before Spring

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Winter is often the slowest time of year. Many of us take this time to recover from the holiday season and cozy up indoors. However, you can take this opportunity to get some projects out of the way. There are plenty of easy and affordable renovations that you can do this winter. 

Here are 10 simple home renovations you can do before spring.  

1. Pest-proof your home 

Pest-proofing can save you a ton of trouble. Mice, ants, and other critters are very common in the spring, and they are known for causing damage. What’s worse is that pests tend to spread germs and allergens, so it’s important that you keep them out of the house. 

Start pest-proofing by weatherstripping your doors. Then, caulk any cracks you find in your door frames and windows. Fix cracks in the foundation and plug holes in your utility lines with expanding foam. You can also cover wall vents with metal mesh. Look for metal weep hole covers to keep wasps and mice out of the walls. If you need help getting rid of pests or keeping them out, contact Pest Control Whitby or other company near you.

Pest proof your home

2. Tile a kitchen backsplash

Backsplashes are fantastic for keeping the kitchen clean while adding color and texture to the room. They can also be very easy to install yourself. You can use a peel-and-stick tiling, a stick-on vinyl backsplash, or simply paint your existing backsplash with a new color.   

3. Upgrade the attic insulation

Upgrading your attic insulation will save you on your summer cooling costs. If you’re not sure of your insulation, contact an attic company for an inspection and a technician can provide you with some recommendations. Depending on the type of insulation you have, you may be in need of a top-up or a new layer altogether. Insulation gets weaker with time. 

4. Switch to new light fixtures

Light fixtures can seriously transform your space at an affordable price. Switch out those old dome lights or the chandelier above your dining room table for something bright and more modern. This is an easy way to modernize your home and add value. 

5. Make small kitchen upgrades

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and it is extremely valuable. A few small changes here and there can save you a ton of stress while adding value. Drawer handles, faucets, cabinet lighting, and organizers can go a long way. You can also paint your cabinet doors for an easy facelift you can do yourself. 

10 Simple Home Renovations You Can Do Before Spring

6. Do some painting 

Painting dries faster in dry winter air. Take this opportunity to paint a room or bring new life to a piece of furniture. Bathroom vanities, doors, dressers, cabinets, and frames can all benefit from a new coat of paint. An added benefit to painting in the winter is that many paints go on sale. So, shop around for colors and wait for a warm winter weekend while you have the time. Your home will look great come spring.

7. Finish the basement or garage 

Finishing a basement or garage completely can be a lot of work. But there are lots of things you can do to make the space more functional. For example, you can lay down some rubber tiles or paint the floor within an afternoon. You can also add lighting or shelving and make use of the spaces these areas have to offer. Take some time to declutter and make these rooms more comfortable, so you can enjoy them in the spring. 

8. Reorganize the closet 

There are so many organizers available on the market. Set up some new shelving, add drawers, and add inserts to your dressers to create space. You can also take this opportunity to sort through your clothes and donate what you don’t need. 

Reorganize the Closet

9. Change the décor 

Most of us are too busy in the summer to redecorate. Make use of your free time to spruce things up a bit. You can take advantage winter sales and grab things while they are in stock. Within a single weekend, you can re-upholster your furniture, get new cushion covers, or switch to new blankets. Look for new prints from local artists online or try making something yourself!

10. Update your patio furniture 

While it may be too cold to work outside, you can invest in your patio furniture now and use them later. Shop for furniture sets that you like and wait for sales. Many items go out of stock as soon as the warm weather hits, so starting early is a good idea. You might also find used items from people who are moving away. Used furniture is often a fraction of the original price. If it needs some love, you can always sand and repaint the piece, so it looks good as new. 

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