Skylight Leak Repair: Stop Leaks and Restore the Elegance of Your Skylight


Skylights are excellent addition to your roofing system. It can give extra illumination to your home interior and make your house roomier. Skylights are perfect during summer when you want to let warmth into your house. At night, it could offer a breath-taking scene of the starry skies.

Common Causes For Skylight Leak

  • Roof nails exposed in flashing.
  • Hairline fractures to curbs of skylight
  • No and/or not sealed properly where metal frame
    and glass meet.
  • Leak originating from a different area and finding an
    opening at the skylight.

However, not everything is rosy about skylights. Some common house leaks are caused by defects in your skylight sealing or faulty skylight installation. If this happens, you will certainly need skylight repair or reinstallation. Roof repair experts offers excellent skylight repair services in the entire state. Our roofing experts are the most experienced and trusted roof repair professionals in this part of the country. So if a leak develops around your skylight, you better call roof repair experts for immediate skylight repair service before it becomes worse.

Improperly Fastened Skylights

There are many causes why a skylight should leak. First, roofing nails that fastens the skylight flashings may have been improperly installed. Exposed nails are usually a natural entry point of water and this will naturally cause leaks around your skylight. If this happens, call home improvement experts and we can do skylight leak repair in no time.

Our professional roofers can refasten your skylight by securing the sill and head flashings with a new set of fastening roof nails. The fresh installation should also be sealed by all-weather roof cement and the integral flashing which surrounds the perimeter of the skylight should also be sealed. This will definitely stop the leak so that you can enjoy a trouble-free skylight.

Hairline Cracks and Fissures

Another common cause of skylight problem is the appearance of hairline cracks around the curbs of the skylight. Small cracks or fractures on skylight curbs may be due to several factors. It could be caused by an accident, depreciation of the skylight due to age, or by improper installation.

This could be easily solved through proper skylight leak repair. Roof repair home experts, with its extensive experience in skylight repair and installation, can spot those hairline fissures around the skylight curb. Our professional roofer can reinstall a new curb for your skylight or better yet, seal the cracks with superior roof sealant. This will certainly eliminate the leak and could prolong the life of your skylight.

Inadequate Skylight Sealant

Most skylight frames are made from metal, aluminum or solid wood. Typically, the exterior of the skylight has aluminum or metal frame and this is attached to the glass panel of the skylight. Sometimes the metal frame and glass connection has no or inadequate sealant or worse has an improper sealant that wears off easily.

If this will be the case, water can seep through the opening on the frames pass through the glass sidings and then drip to your home interior. There is no greater inconvenience than to run helter-skelter with a bucket in hand just to catch those damaging water droplets. To avoid this scenario, pick up the phone and call home improvement roofing specialists for immediate skylight repair. We can fix skylight frame defects and stop the irritating skylight leaks.

Professional Roofer Equals Leak-free Skylight

Skylights are the most complicated part of a roof that needs professional attention whenever a problem with it occurs. If you are planning to install a skylight, trust a roofing contractor that has devoted many years of its corporate life to this kind of service.

Roof repair experts can install a leak-free skylight system for your home. However, if someone else has installed your skylight and it leaked at the first drop of rain, experts can correct the defects of improperly installed skylight by doing superior skylight repair. We also provide you with free estimates of your roofing needs and requirements. You can request this service through our online form or simply by calling our office.

Roof repair experts prides itself with above-industry and excellent roof repair services that are geared to satisfy home owners. Our deep knowledge and extensive experience in all kinds of roof repair and installation made us the most trusted roofing contractor in this side of the country. You will definitely get superior customer service from our professional roofers. Roof repair experts can guarantee that after we repair your roof, it will last for a long time you will no longer worry about roofing damages and defects.

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