Sleep Easy and Make Your Home Secure

Are you fearful at night? Do you worry about the possibility of burglars, of home intrusion, of the safe space that is your home being violated? These are not concerns you should have to live with. You should be able to go to sleep each night knowing that your home is secure, that you and your family are safe inside, and that no one can enter without your permission.

Yet sadly, all too often, break ins do happen. There’s nothing worse than waking in the morning to find that a stranger has been in your home while you and your family slept. It’s an intrusion one should have to suffer and an experience no one should have to live through.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take, measures you can enact to ensure that your home remains locked down. Sleep comes much more easily when you know that you are safe—and you and your loved ones deserve to have a good night’s sleep. Read on to learn more about what you can do to protect your home, your family, and yourself.

Check Your Door Locks

Locking your doors every night is essential to home security—but how much confidence do you have in the locks themselves? A qualified locksmith, such as NELA Locksmith in Los Angeles, can go through your home with you and examine the quality of your exterior locks. If the lock is wearing out, you don’t want to depend on it. Better to replace it with a brand new locking mechanism. When looking for wear and tear on a deadbolt lock system, you want to look at both the bolt itself and the hole in the wall it feeds into. This should be a snug fit.

There are other reasons you may want to change your door locks as well. Perhaps you’ve recently lost a key or had a member of your household move out. It is always wise to make sure that the only keys to your house are in the direct possession of those living there. The same consideration should be given if you’ve recently moved into a new home—even if the old owners left their keys to you, it’s possible they still have a copy. For your own peace of mind, if nothing else, it’s best to replace the locks in such a scenario.

Call the Police

Seem like an overreaction? Not if you do it correctly. If you’re concerned about home security, speaking to your local police department can actually be a really good step to take. Many police departments offer home security inspections that can help put your mind at ease, and in many cases they are free of charge. An officer or a team will come to your home and examine it from the perspective of a criminal looking to stage a break in. They will look for ways in which you can better secure your home.

More good news? If your home has passed a security inspection carried out by the police department, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Speak to your provider to see if you qualify for this discount.

Keep Keys in Strategic Places

Is the key to your front door lying under your doormat? While this might seem like a smart plan—a way to get back into your house in case you lock yourself out—burglars are savvy to this practice and know enough to look around for hidden keys. Under the flowerpot, inside the fake rock, on top of the porch light—no matter where your key is hidden, if it’s sitting outside the house, you run the risk of it being found and used by someone who shouldn’t be using it. So your first step should be removing your hidden key from its hiding place.

But then what if you do get locked out of your home? There are better solutions than hidden keys. Consider giving a copy of your key to a trusted neighbor, friend, or relative. This person should be someone you can count on not to lose your key, and someone who will be available to help you access your home in an emergency.

Remember that if you have an attached garage, your garage door opener also provides an access point to your home, and it should not be left anywhere a potential thief can access it.

Place Warning Signs

Warn potential intruders away from your home by being upfront about what the consequences could be if they do attempt to break in. If you have a home security alarm system—which is always a good idea, if you’re concerned about a break in—don’t be shy about posting signs to that effect on the windows of your home. Most home security systems offer window clings or some other variety of sign that you can post to inform burglars that the home is protected by their system.

Another good idea is to invest a few bucks in a beware of dog sign. It doesn’t actually matter if you have a dog or not—indicating that you have a dog who is aggressive enough to warrant a sign will often be enough to deter a potential intruder. It definitely couldn’t hurt!

Stage a Fake Burglary

This is an activity that might actually be kind of fun, in addition to its practicality. Have a friend or neighbor come over and simulate a break in. Give them three minutes to wander around your home and “steal” anything that’s easy to take. Then, when your friend has pointed out the weak points of your home, take steps to shore them up. Maybe you leave a lot of cash lying around, or maybe your nice jewelry isn’t locked up. Going through this exercise with someone you trust can help you notice things you might not have seen about your own home security.

Home security is important to your mental well-being. In a home where you feel safe and secure, it’s much easier to relax. Protect yourself against intruders, and against worry, by taking the appropriate steps to secure your home today.      

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