Tricks to Add Big Potential to Your Small Garden

Having a house with a large garden certainly has its advantages. For example, you will have enough space to put a pool in it or to divide it into several functional areas. Also, a home that has a big yard has a higher market value. Still, don’t feel bad for yourself if you are living in a house that has a tiny garden. They too have their advantages. As a start, they are easier and cheaper to maintain. Plus, you won’t need to spend a furniture to landscape it.

And yet, if you feel that your small home garden is not impressive or practical enough, then that means that there is still room for improvement in it. If you don’t know how to add some potential to your tiny yard, we will happily give you a few valuable ideas.

Ask yourself some important questions

Before you start buying gnome statues for your mini garden, you will first need answer a couple key questions. The first of them is: What do you want to do in your garden? Unlike big yards, small gardens cannot be used as a place for cooking, entertainment and relaxation all at the same time. You will need to focus on one thing. For instance, if you want to use your garden as an outdoor entertainment spot, you can place more furniture in it so that all of your guests can enjoy a comfortable seat. If you view gardening as a hobby, you can fill this part of your property with flowers and shrubsand turn it into alush paradise.

Pictured: A small garden suitable for entertainment

Another thing you should take into consideration when you are planning the new look of your tiny garden is whether or not there are the kids in the house. If you have children, a lawn can be a great idea. It will allow you to let the children to freely play outside without worrying that they may trip on your big water feature, for instance. However, if you do not have kids, it is best not to add a lawn. Small gardens and lawns are not a good combination due to a number of technical and maintenance reasons. Plus, you may not have enough room to keep a big lawn mower in your mini yard.

Use up all the space you can

Ok, now that you have decided how to use your garden, it is time to get creative. Use up as much of space as you can but in a creative way. Every nook and cranny counts. Don’t forget to use the walls and fences in the yard. You can mount lighting or grow climbing plants on them. If you have potted plants, you can hang them on a wall in the garden.

Nevertheless, do not crowd your garden with unnecessary stuff. If you are about to move into a house that has a mini yard, do not take the trees and the plants from your previous home with you. There would be little point in that because you won’t have where to put them. Also, even if you decide to rely on a comprehensive man and van service, the moving company will not be able to help with the removal of your potted plants. That is because such businesses are not allowed to deal with the handling of such possessions. Therefore, a vetted man with a van can move all of your gardening equipment quickly and safety but when it comes to plants of any sort, you will need to move them yourself. So, unless you have some super expensive flower in your old garden, it is best if you leave all of your plants to the new homeowners.

Choosing the plants

If you are not sure how to organise the plants in your tiny garden, put them in pots or in baskets. In that way, you can try out new arrangements until you find the one that best works for your practical and aesthetic needs. Those of you, who want to fill their mini garden with flowers, are advised to pick small, colourful and lasting flowers. In addition to that, the easier they are to maintain the better.

Best plants for a small garden

Plant Qualities
Purple Stem Also known as Swett or Christmas Box, this plant will preserve its lush green colour throughout the entire year and its flowers will fill your garden with a lovely scent.
Hayes Starburst A delicate flower that prefers the shade which is why you can hang it on a wall or a fence in the garden.
Bonica This rose shrub is easy to take care of and it is remontant.
Frikart’s Aster Excellent for sunny small gardens as it is very colourful and it thrives under the rays of the summer sun.
Bowles’ Mauve With its deep purple colours, this wallflower will establish a serene atmosphere in your garden. It is a perennial plant and its blooms can withstand even colder days.

Pictured: A tiny garden with flowers

Can you grow trees in a tiny garden?

If your garden is really small, then you should avoid planting trees in it. However, if you have managed to smartly organise the space in it, you can get a small ornament tree for it. You will be surprised to learn that the selection here is quite impressive.

Trees that are suitable for a mini garden:

  • Hawthorne;
  • Crab apple;
  • Tree fern;
  • Pyrus salicifolia Pendula;
  • Prunus Amanogawa;

Don’t buy extravagant furniture

If you have decided to put furniture in your garden, you will need to find something comfortable and multifunctional. Avoid buying large sofas, tables and benches unless you have decided to use your yard for relaxation, entertainment or dining.

One last thing – let there be light! Add some lighting to your small garden to make it look bigger. You can install it on decking, pathways, steps or even on potted plants. And if you decide to cover your entire yard with lights, you can do it on a budget because your garden is… small.

Video on Small Urban Garden Design Ideas

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