10 Tiny Home Storage Ideas You Need to Try

Tiny Home Storage Ideas

A small home means that you need lots of storage solutions. Even if you think you don’t have a lot of stuff, living in a tiny home can make you quickly realize just how much stuff you do have.

If you’re interested in living in a tiny home, or you’re already living in one and desperately need to figure out a storage solution, here are some tiny home storage ideas you need to try!

List of The Top 10 Small Home Storage Ideas You Need to Try in This Year

Tiny Home Storage Ideas

1. Fill up the empty space above your cabinets

Using decorative plastic storage containers, metal baskets or wicker baskets, place your seasonal or other items that you don’t frequently use above your kitchen cabinets.

Install a rolling ladder or one that hooks into a door frame to easily access your items when you need them.

2. Turn stairs into storage

Hollow out the rise part of your stairs and turn them into storage drawers. You can store a variety of items in them, but the best part is that you’ve maximized your storage potential.

This is a great hack for regular-sized homes, too. Ideally, you’ll place kids’ toys, seasonal clothes such as jackets or even extra bedding in your stair storage.

3. Add magnetic floating shelves

Floating shelves might appear to take up unnecessary space in your tiny home, but when they’re magnetic, they’re actually a great space saver. You can attach anything metal to the top or the bottom of the shelf, maximizing space.

It’s perfect for spices housed in jars with metal lids, cooking utensils or even keys. Place them throughout your tiny home and you will probably be able  to find items in each room to hang from your magnetic floating shelves.

4. Add drawers under seating areas

Benches in the breakfast nook, pull-out drawers under the sofa and drawers in the bed frame are all examples of ways to add storage to your tiny home. These drawers under seating areas are a great way to store items you’ll need without taking up space.

When you don’t have 15-foot ceilings or 2,000 square feet of living space, it’s important to add storage where you can.

And, while you might think having drawers under all your seating areas would make everything look clunky, think again! Using a crisp color, such as white, can really make the space feel open. That means all your storage solutions don’t look like they’re crowding the space.

5. Turn your corners into cabinets and shelves

The corners of a home are both purposeful and menacing. Sometimes, it prevents you from being able to place an item where you want it and they can get dirty very quickly.

You can purchase bookcases or a ladder shelf online that may add up to your house’s design. It can greatly help to organize books and reading materials.

In your tiny home, use those corners to your advantage by building shelves and cabinets in them. This is perfect for your bathroom cabinets or even your kitchen area.

6. Use a pull out bed

A pull out bed is perfect for a tiny home. Simply pull the bed out from under a platform along the long edge of your tiny home. It’s perfect for when you need to sleep – then, it goes away when guests are over or you need to use the space.

Make sure to give yourself a clear path to pull the bed out from. That way, you don’t have to shuffle items around before pulling the bed out. You can use the platform as your office space, living area or dining area.

Avoid having it in your kitchen in case a water pipe bursts. You don’t want it ruining your bed underneath.

7. Expose your wardrobe

There are some items we have in regular sized homes that we take for granted – such as closets. Not every tiny home comes with a closet, so creating a closet space is necessary in your tiny home.

Consider exposing your wardrobe. Paint piping and bolt it into a cube organizer for a DIY clothing rack and dresser. Using baskets and canvas totes in the storage cubes is a great way to hide some of your items without worrying that you’ve made your space look like a closet.

This way, you can still hang the items that wrinkle easily and fold the ones that should be tucked away.

8. Use the ceiling

Depending on the height of your tiny home, you should use the ceiling for storage. Pull down drawers, beds and even hooks to hang pots and pans are all ways you can use the ceiling to store your items.

This way, you’re not taking up any wall or floor space. Just make sure you have enough clearance from the top of your head! If you have high ceilings, installing a sliding ladder or getting a collapsible one is a great way to access anything that you store on the ceiling.

9. Get a pull-down table

Since many people use their tiny homes as trailers and travel across the country with them, pull-down furniture is a must. Not only does it save space, but many pull-down furniture items act as barriers and security measures to keep loose items from falling off shelves or hooks on the wall.

A pull-down table is a great idea for your tiny home because it easily pushes back into the wall when you don’t need it. Your pull-down table can double as an office space for when you need to work. Other examples of pull-down furniture include beds and decks on the outside of your tiny home.

10. Vault the ceiling

Vaulting the ceiling of your tiny home will ensure that it feels large and gives you more places to add shelves and storage solutions. With a vaulted ceiling, you can add a loft, which is perfect for sleeping or storage.

Many tiny homeowners opt for loft bedrooms instead of full-sized bedrooms on the main floor. However, if you’re older, afraid of heights or just aren’t interested in a loft, there’s no pressure to vault your ceiling. Your tiny home is yours to make as you please!

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