Smart Locks For Bedroom Doors: Is This A Good Idea?

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According to a 2020 census, the burglary rate for Canada was approximately 364.4 cases per 100,000 population. Breaking in is a big issue for millions of people worldwide. Therefore the use of smart technology to safeguard homes has become necessary in the last decade.

You can switch to a smart lock for bedroom door — it not only allows the apartment owner to come in and go as per their preference, but it also monitors who is going in and out of your apartment whenever you are away. These smart lock systems also come with a mobile key which will help you manage the key system from any corner of the world.

Although a smart lock can be reliable, it is not a replacement for reliable home insurance. For affordable home insurance quotes in Canada, you can find more here.

What is a smart lock?

This smart home security device allows the apartment owner to lock and unlock their doors from any corner of the world using an application on their smartphone. You can also open the door without the hassle of fumbling around for the keys. Besides keeping your room secure, smart locks allow for more efficiency and control. In addition, you can also generate a digital key or passcode for friends or family who regularly visit your home.

Benefits of smart locks for bedroom doors

1. Sending E-keys

E keys can be beneficial if you want to allow people in your room when you are not present. You can do this by getting a Wi-Fi-enabled smart bedroom door lock. This smart lock will allow you to create an e-key for those who require access to your room.

Some common situations may include:

  • Letting friends or family members chill out in your room while they wait for you
  • Allowing delivery executives to drop important packages inside
  • Renting out your apartment as a vacation spot or allowing guests access 

At any time, you can alter these e keys, and you can also create duplicate keys which you can easily delete.

2. Enhanced security

A high-quality smart door lock system will provide better protection as no thief or burglar can pick it up like a traditional manual lock. In addition, keyless entry ensures no unwanted guests can access the deadbolt.

You can also pair your apartment’s remote monitoring system to your room lock, providing alerts for any suspicious activity.

3. Detection of presence

Some highly advanced smart door locks can detect your presence, so you will never be locked outside. Some other locks have biometrics or RFID, making it simpler to open them. These locks can be easily reconfigured to recognize family members and work efficiently with other smart home appliances.

4. ID Technology

Some smart locks can also identify your body using video surveillance or IoT. These smart appliances interact with other devices to provide a secure home. Some also come with fingerprint recognition technology making it easier to come in.

5. Useful for elderly or disabled

Older people or people with disabilities can have numerous difficulties opening manual locks. In these instances, a smart door lock can be pretty useful.

People who can benefit from bedroom door smart lock systems are:

  • Elderly people
  • People with Parkinson’s disease
  • Patients with cerebral palsy
  • People who need to wear braces for carpal tunnel syndrome

A smart door lock is also helpful for disabled people as they can easily access doors. This also ensures they do not lock themselves out of the apartment in an emergency.

6. Can work with your existing lock system

Most smart locks can work smoothly with your existing lock system attached to your deadbolts. Some models even have traditional keyholes if you need one. These options make it easier to find a smart lock suitable for your home.

7. Secure homes

Using a smart lock for bedroom door, you can lock and unlock your rooms using applications even if you are miles away. In addition to this, you can also check your room using the video system.

Some of the common scenarios where your smart lock is useful:

  • You are out on vacation
  • You are working late, especially the night shift
  • Whenever guests need access to your home
  • When your child is alone or with the babysitter
  • If you are out for a quick errand

8. Additional benefits

You no longer have to hide your room key under the door mat or above the door. You will have access to advanced security features and can update pins whenever required. You can also add or remove e keys whenever you want.

How to choose the perfect smart lock for your bedroom door?

Before choosing the perfect smart lock for your bedroom, you must consider the following things.

1. The lock type

You will come across two types of smart locks: deadbolt and lever style. A deadbolt lock will replace your present lock mechanism, and the lever-style lock will include an additional lever handle and lock trim.

2. Remote control

Most smart locks can be controlled remotely from any corner of the world. However, some locks even come without it. If this is necessary, you must carefully select the model with a dedicated smartphone application.

3. Connectivity

To connect remotely to your smart lock, you must connect to your home wi-fi network. Different types of smart locks come with different connectivity options like Bluetooth or NFC. Most of the common smart locks available in the market can be connected to a bridge over the appliance Google home, Samsung Smart Thing, Amazon echo, etc.

The latest models also support Wi-Fi connectivity. However, you must change batteries frequently for these locks.

4. Super smart features

Your bedroom door smart lock should be compatible with most of the commonly used platforms. In addition, the lock should allow you to pair with other devices connected to your home network and use voice commands to unlock the doors automatically.

In addition, some locks also have a feature where you can adjust your home security system to activate the lock whenever you leave your room automatically.

Smart lock for bedroom door — Endnote

It is not mandatory to get a smart lock for your bedroom. However, as we are slowly switching to smart home appliances, smart locks will be beneficial. Additionally, it can offer state-of-the-art security, so your personal belongings are always protected.

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