Smart And Simple Ways To Improve Your Home Security

Home security is an important matter yet many people are still naïve to protect to their most precious asset. Burglars should be forewarned of the risk involved in attempting to break into your safe haven.

Enhancing the security of your home gives you a peace of mind in knowing your most valuable possessions is protected from intruders. Technology has made personal security easier and there are plenty of cheap ways to make your home safer from burglary.

1.  Erect decoy decals

A security sign or sticker is an awesome way to warn those who would be burglars of security presence. The decoy decals works like a repellent and will make thieves nervous on their heels knowing someone is keeping watch over the property. Look for a spare security sticker or sign and consider marketing them even if you are yet to subscribe to the actual security service.

2.  Install dummy surveillance cameras

A dummy surveillance camera can be a salvaged as an unusable or broken down spare from an electronic repairs or pawn shop. This is an eye that is constantly monitoring movement around the premise according to the a stranger’s view. This shows that any activity on the premise is recorded and can be traced back. Burglars are shy of showing their identity and installing cameras will keep their heads low when they roll into your front yard.

3.  Use solid external doors

Use solid hard wood to make the strongest exterior door to be used for the main entrance to your home. Your door should be able to withstand a massive blow and remain standing. With an additional lock you can shut off any intruders from forceful gaining entry and breaking to the premise.

4.  Use smart locks for doors

This is one of the most simple and innovative home tech products that keep the doors of your property safe as a vault. The smart locks are different from the ordinary locks in their ability to allow smartphone integration to your home security. This allows the owner to lock or unlock the door through a mobile application.

Smart locks are a sure way to guarantee your home is burglary proof especially if your work routine includes traveling far from home for lengthy periods. Some smart locks have useful features and can be used to confirm whether your door is locked or opened. These smart locks for doors have apps that enable you to verify whether you have fulfilled the most important task of securing your home by locking the door after exiting the premise.

Smart Locks also allow you to authorize access to multiple parties simultaneously. The technology permits you to be basking in a beach in Miami for your vacation and limit access to the doors of your home to only authorized personnel at your mansion in Washington.

5.  Install Light timers for your indoor and outdoor lights

Keeping away darkness during the night from your home when away is possible through the use of light timers. The timers serve also the duty of conserving energy in your home through ensuring efficient use of electricity for lighting around the environment.

6.  Use of Motion Lights

Installing of exterior motion lights around your home makes it hard for a crook to sneak around without attracting attention. The lights are able to detect movement in the surrounding and the lights react by turning on without warning.

This abrupt brightness out of darkness is enough to scare a potential burglar. It is possible to upgrade the wired lights in your home to sense motion, or choose to use solar powered motion lights instead.

7.  Avail your garbage for collection

If you will be gone during the weekly garbage collection day, ensure you delegate the task to a neighbor to take your garbage can to the road side for litter collection. Ensure your daily home routines are fulfilled by another party in your absence and intruders will think the homeowner is inside the premise.

8.  Maintain a neat and trimmed landscape

Besides ensuring the environment around your property is always clean and tidy. You should remove overgrown bushes and trim shrubs to eliminate any cover or hiding zones. Try to remove any large plants away from the windows and maintain an open and clear landscape without hidden spots for intruders to lurk.

9.  Have your mailbox emptied

A mailbox flooded with junk mails is an obvious sign you are away from town. It is advisable to ask a trustworthy neighbor to bring in your mails and keep your front yard clear of posters and door hangers.

It is better to consider asking the post office to hold your mail and cancel your newspaper subscription until you return back from trip.

10.  Avoid broadcasting your trip

Do not post on social media your upcoming trip or the days of your travel. This information may be used to plan which days you will be absent in order to commit the burglary. Always keep your traveling plans to yourself and avoid alerting people of the deadly fact that your house will be empty.

Avoid broadcasting your traveling plans to neighbors and strangers until you have returned back from the trip.

11.  Get acquainted with the neighbor

Knowing your neighbor is a good idea in the context of improving your home security. A neighbor is a friendly eye for your home and will help to keep watch while you are gone. This is also an opportunity to form or join a neighborhood watch groups which assist through sharing information of break-ins and peculiar activity.

12.  Load the suitcase in a hidden enclosure

You should not let other people see you packing clothes in bags as they will know you are preparing to leave town. Load your baggage inside the garage with the door shut to hide from prying eyes. Otherwise if you are required to carry the bags outdoor, perform the task quickly and discreetly without attracting public attention.

There are numerous ways to improve the security of your home and better results can be achieved by combining two or more of the methods listed above.

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