Starting a Clean Slate: An 8-Step Guide for De-Cluttering Your House Before Moving to a New Place

Moving can be one of the worst chores ever in my opinion or it can be exciting for some who are looking for that new adventure.

However, it seems like there are never-ending things to do like packing and boxing everything up, getting all of your utilities set up in your new place and researching and hiring movers. 

If you’re anything like me; you try to start early so that you have time to do absolutely everything without rushing. A move out cleaning is necessary so that the new occupants won’t have to come into a new space and clean up a mess that has been left behind.

Here’s an 8-step guide to de-cluttering your house before moving into a new place.

  • Give yourself time
  • It’s cheaper to de-clutter
  • Follow a 12-month no use rule
  • Put the 3-box trick into place
  • Be consistent
  • Know what to do with unwanted items
  • Look at the dates
  • Stay motivated


It’s important to give yourself an ample amount of time when de-cluttering. Set aside a couple of hours a day a month or so before you move so that you’re not rushing the process. When you rush, your move will become stressful and there will be no organization at all; thus making your de-cluttering project a waste of time. By giving yourself time, you won’t be rushed to just throw things in a box and be done with it because more than likely, you’ll take all the clutter you should have gotten rid of to the new place.


When you de-clutter, it becomes cheaper for the move you’re about to make. The weight of your shipping cost will decrease just by decluttering. If you have a yard sale to get rid of some things, you’re putting some extra cash into your pocket. Also, once you move into your new home, storage space won’t be an issue because you’ll have gotten rid of unnecessary items.


Bottom line, if you haven’t used something in 12-months or more; chances are you aren’t going to use it and you should probably get rid of it. You can always use it for the yard sale you plan to have.


When you are de-cluttering, you should have at least three boxes in each room labeled; keep, sell/donate and throw away. This should make life a tad bit easier because you’ll know exactly what to do with each box. A move out cleaning will make you feel more organized and make your move stress free.


Try to de-clutter one room at a time, don’t procrastinate and remain focused. If you need help; don’t wait until the last minute to seek it out.


Your 3-box trick will come in handy here. When you know what to do with unwanted items, it’s easy to just take that box to its final destination. There are places that will even come to your house to pick items up that have been left on your front porch. If you’re donating things; set those boxes aside so you can make one trip. If you’re giving stuff away; have the recipient pick the items up as soon as possible.


When you’re going through your things; make sure to look at dates. There are so many things that we have around the house and under the sink that we don’t realize has expired. If it is expired; trash it.


It’s important to stay motivated during the process. Set small goals for yourself; goals that you know you’ll be able to attain and little by little you’ll see your progress.

While moving can be a daunting job; doing a move out cleaning is just as daunting, but necessary. Make sure to give yourself the time you need and get the help that you want so your move doesn’t stress you out!

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