Storing Your Patio Furniture for The Winter

Storing Your Patio Furniture for The Winter

Adding some furniture to your patio space is a fantastic way to make things more comfortable. It can also class up the place, especially if you have custom-made furniture that blends with other decorations in the area.

But when the winter months come around, it’s time to store those seats, or else you’ll ruin them forever. So how do you do that?

By following these simple but effective tips

Top 4 ways to store your patio furniture for this winter

1. Decide what you can leave outside

Moving your furniture to a storage space sounds like a ton of work that, understandably, most people aren’t willing to do. So before doing anything else, decide what you can leave in the open and what needs to be covered up.

Synthetic wicker and teak garden furniture can be left outside in the winter. They are durable and waterproof and will resist even the coldest winter months. If your patio also has a lot of coverage, you can just get some covers and you’re good to go!

2. Will you move them or get some covers

Here’s another critical question you need to answer. Both of these approaches have their merit so you should consider all your options first.

Moving your furniture for the winter ensures that they are 100% safe. There’s no risk of strong winds blowing off your covers and they aren’t exposed to the cold at all. The downside is that you may not have enough room to store them. Worse still, you may have to spend extra money on some storage space.

Covering up the furniture is a less stressful way to go, and with a quick trip to your hardware store, you can get set up. Measure your furniture and get patio chair covers that fit perfectly. You can also use a tarp to cover the furniture if some dedicated covers are unavailable.

3. Add an extra coat of protection to your furniture

Have you ever seen model pictures of patios and thought, “how do they get that furniture to remain so bright?” The trick is to add an extra layer of coating every now and then. And there’s no better time than when you’re preparing for winter storage.

Different kinds of furniture need different treatments. Wood needs oil or vanish, plastic and aluminum need car wax, and wicker needs paste.

4. What other maintenance will you need?

Patio furniture costs a pretty sum so it’s very important that you take the best care of your set. This means checking in and doing some extra work before even during the winter.

One thing you’ll want is to keep the furniture clean and dry. Debris will settle on the furniture in the dry seasons and you have to be on guard. Try to clean off leaves, twigs, and other debris that settle at least once a week. You should also remove the covers and thoroughly clean the furniture at least once a month.

Whether you’re covering up the furniture or moving it into storage, do a thorough cleaning first. This will enhance its longevity even more.

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