College Student Room Decoration Ideas

Are you looking for best college student room decoration ideas for your home improvement project? Stop here and read this blog to know more about some of the top diy student room decorating tips

The place where you live and study should inspire you but you can’t tell the same about your dorm room. What is wrong?

Sooner or later you’ll get tired of your accustomed dorm room design and your favorite decor items won’t inspire you anymore. Nevertheless, you are on a budget now and you simply can’t find funds in order to renovate your chamber using the latest trends of modern designers.

College Student Room Decoration Ideas

You can’t buy too expensive and modern furniture, what should you do in this case?

Our review will help you set the record straight. Below, you’ll find a few useful pieces of advice, allowing you to renovate your room and not to splash out on new things.

Here are the Top 10 DIY College Student Room Decoration Ideas

1. Customize Your Drawer Space.

Not all students keep things in order and, for some of them, that’s a real problem. Yet still, if you wish to change the look of your room, the first thing you can do is to sort out the mess.

All college students have lots of clothes and sometimes, it is really hard to organize all items. The best thing you can do to enlarge the drawer space is to obtain dividers. At a glance, this is a simple measure but it can help you keep things in order and change the look of your drawer.

2. Buy New Light Fixtures.

To turn this idea into reality, you need cash! Nevertheless, the choice of modern light fixtures is so huge that you won’t pay too much. There is no need to purchase too expensive fixtures developed by well-known designers.

There’s a bunch of inexpensive options. Pick up the ones you can afford and add them to the design of your room. As a result, your room will become brighter and cozier. In some instances, a properly chosen light fixture can jazz up your dorm room!

3. Think of Repurposing Some Design Items.

You have no cash to buy new furniture, new light fixtures, etc. Yet still, it doesn’t mean you can’t redesign your room. Sometimes, it is enough to repurpose too old elements. Alternatively stated, you can breathe a new life into old things.

For instance, you can paint your furniture, make a dinner table out of old cabinets, etc. It depends on what items you have in your room. Some collegers can even create a perfect bookshelf using old wooden boxes.

4. Buy New Curtains.

Even if you are pressed for money, but you wish to change the look of your room, you can dole out cash and buy new curtains. In current times, there is a number of inexpensive options but they can totally change the atmosphere in your room.

5. Obtain a New Bed Throw.

This piece of advice is also for those who desire to save cash. Buying a new bed throw, you won’t beggar yourself but your friends or groupmates will notice that your room became different. Freshening up your bedroom suite, you’ll notice substantial changes in the general room design.

6. Deadline Board.

If you study at a higher educational establishment, you need to combine lots of activities. You need to submit essays or papers on time, participate in different activities and even go to work! You can’t keep everything in your head!

The best thing you can do is a deadline board. As a result, you’ll combine the useful with the pleasant – decorate your room and create a real reminder! You can either do it yourself or buy it.

In very deed, there is no need to spend cash on this item because to do this board yourself you just need to take a simple cork board, nails, and a string.

7. Add More Storage Area.

If you adore reading books, your room should be full of them! You realize that to store them, you need to have enough space. In this scenario, the best solution is to buy new cabinets or a few shelves.

These items don’t take too much space but they help you keep everything organized. As a result, all your books, notebooks and magazines will be organized in a right way and you won’t spend hours to find a necessary item.

In current times, there is a myriad of inexpensive items. If you have enough skills and you adore handmade, you can do them yourself.

8. Organize Your Sitting Area.

In sober fact, sitting area is the place where you spend the major part of your day (except for your bed). You get ready for classes, write essays, develop new projects or process literature here.

For that reason, it should be convenient and inspiring. If you sit in an inconvenient chair, you should immediately substitute it with another (cozier) item. Some collegers are creative creatures and like spending time near the window, drinking tea and writing a foremost essay.

If you are one of them, you can decorate this place creating a new sitting area near the window side (only if space allows you to do this).

9. Create a Corner for Demonstrating Accessories.

Every college student has different accessories which remind them of one or another crucially important event. Some collegers are engaged in sports activities and have a number of medals or diplomas.

There is no need to keep them in a far corner of your drawer. The best thing you can do is to demonstrate them! As a result, they will remind you of pleasant life moments and change the general design of your room.

10. Add Greenery.

Nothing can make your chamber look brighter than a few flowerpots with indoor plants. There is no need to spend cash in order to obtain them. Some people are always ready to share sprouts with you.

You can create incredible and attractive flowerpots by yourself. As a result, you won’t only add a special atmosphere to your room but you will also make the air cleaner. There is a category of plants which don’t call for special attention, and all you should do is to water them one time per week.

Your dorm room is small. For that reason, you shouldn’t buy high-ceilinged flowers because they will just take space.

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