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Best Kitchen Bar Design Ideas

We eat breakfast and start our day in the kitchen bar.

But have you thought about what makes a kitchen bar perfect?

Not only the grand layout, the sleek materials, or the eye-catching bar stools but also a feeling of warm and comfortable.

Whether you kitchen is small or big, add a bar to make your kitchen more unforgettable.

Kitchen Bar Stools can be a great addition to your kitchen. Not only do they create a social atmosphere, they are somewhere for you, or your kids, to sit and grab a quick bite to eat.

All You Need to Know About Kitchen Bar Stools

Choosing the right stool can be tricky. There are so many on the market, in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. It’s vital you pick bar stools that fit with the design of your kitchen, however they must also be comfortable and easy to use. As items of furniture stools draw attention as soon as people walk into the room, so you should aim to buy ones that don’t look out of place.

How To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Bar Stool

The first thing to determine is the size of bar stool you’ll need, relative to the size of the kitchen bar. You should first visualise how high you want it to be- how much leg room do you want, do you want the breakfast bar to be higher or lower when you sit on the breakfast stool?

After that, you should carefully measure up, taking measurements of height, width and depth of the stool. Note these measurements down somewhere and keep them safe.

A common mistake you don’t want to make is getting the breakfast stool home and finding it’s too big or too small for the bar. So think… measure up correctly and try before you buy!

Another thing to consider is what it will be used for. Will it be a breakfast bar stool for the kids, a general perch for everyone to use, or merely a furniture stool to take up space and look good?

How many people are in your family?

and how many do you want sat at the kitchen bar at one time?

Each of these issues will determine the type, design, number and price you’ll want to look at.

You should then consider how the stool will look in your kitchen. Is it the right colour? Does it fit in with your retro/traditional/modern kitchen design? Does it make a statement about you?

A good idea is to take photographs of colour schemes and designs already in your kitchen, and take these with you when looking at potential purchases…then you can be totally sure everything works well.

And if you can’t find the right stool in the shops, why not consider drawing your own design schematic and getting it custom made at a metal worker or carpenter. That way you can guarantee it will be the perfect fit for your kitchen and be totally individual!

After all this planning, go out and look around for some to buy! Go and sit on the bar stool, feel it to see how comfortable it is, take your kids to make sure they can get onto it…try before you buy!

Pick a selection of ones you like and then try to narrow it down to a selection of 3 or 4. The best way to do this is to photograph the stool and then take the picture home and see how well it fits with your kitchen design. This costs you nothing, and can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.

If you’re struggling for kitchen bar design ideas, or don’t know what types of kitchen bar stool are available on the market, check out below guide.

List of the top 19 kitchen bar design ideas for 2021

1. Elegant kitchen bar design idea

Make the kitchen refine elegant. Wooden accessories, a little white, a little marble, a bottle of flowers, and bright hanging lamps, bring your kitchen back to elegant.

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2. Luxurious kitchen bar design idea

The white marble flow table with dark painted table wall, the recessed refrigerator, especially the gold pendant lamps above the kitchen bar looks more luxurious.

3. Cozy kitchen bar design idea

Break the rules. Kitchen bar also can be cozy and natural. Just like this, green theme painted, green high chairs, and some plants, make you feel cozy and comfortable when sitting beside the bar.

4. Window side kitchen bar design idea

Sitting by the fake window, chilling with friends, drink some wine, spend a wonderful dinner, isn’t is very comfortable? Wooden windows and wicker chairs make the bar more rustic and warm.

5. Classic kitchen bar design idea

Classic is never outdated. The mahogany furniture and black marble table are classic combination. Otherwise, the glass pendant lamps brighten the bar.

6. Rustic kitchen bar design idea

Are you yearn for the American farmhouse kitchen bar design? Make it more rustic. The stone wall, and the vintage lamps, bring you back to the rustic but not break kitchen bar.

7. Simple kitchen bar design idea

White is the simplest thing, paint your kitchen and the bar all white will make your small space looks bigger and clean. In this picture, the point is the wooden high chair, attract your attentions when you first see it.

8. Monochrome kitchen bar design idea

Monochrome kitchen will look boring, so you need make some point to appeal eyes. The white bar is fusion with the kitchen, but the geometric floor make the point.

9. Wooden kitchen bar design idea

Wooden always is a popular choice to add warmth to the room. But how to accessorize them is important. As above we see a wonderful example, pay attention to the streamline of the wooden bar and the pairs of the white padded seats, creating a contrast of the dark and light.

10. Metallic kitchen bar design idea

Metal is sleek, modern and timeless. We are fond of the look the metal kitchen bar above, the bright white cabinetry, the contemporary sink with gold accessories, really make your kitchen bar perfect.

11. Colorful kitchen bar design idea

Black is classic, but colorful is a highlight. Don’t think that kitchen can’t be colorful. Get the look with LED Lighting from Enuotek, the combination of the black metallic LED pendant light and the colorful kitchen bar stools, which warm up the small space.

12. Black & White kitchen bar design idea

Black and white always look modern and paired. The black cabinetry makes a contrast to the white flow table, plus the bright lighting, make your space bigger and more modern.

13. Bright kitchen bar design idea

Brightness is the first element of a kitchen. The double window design make the natural light pour in in daytime, the hanging pendants guaranteed the light in the night.

14. Cool kitchen bar design idea

If you are a kind of French girl chic style, you can try this cool kitchen bar. The marble table with the grey painted wall, the glass pendant light and the wooden bar stools, all make the kitchen bar feel cool and different.

15. Modern kitchen bar design idea

For those who like drinking, you may like this kind of kitchen bar. There is no kitchen, but the wine rack and the bar look very modern and attractive, calling you to sit down and drink little wine.

16. Chic kitchen bar design idea

A lonely table stands next to the ceiling window, the white bar, and two black paired stools, blended with the night. Sitting by the window with your lover, drink a little wine, chatting, laughing, what a dreamy night!

17. Wet Bar kitchen bar design idea

For some small kitchen which is really no space for a kitchen bar, they may quickly eat at the wet bar. The clean surface and the gold shelf which displayed your glasses, make the space brighter and bigger.

18. Vintage kitchen bar design idea

The vintage style very suitable for an American farmhouse. Just seeing in the above, the warm DIY pendant lights shine the wooden bar, make you feel cozy when eating with your family.

19. Maximize kitchen bar design idea

For those who don’t like cooking but like to drink, then the kitchen is an only place to collect wine. You can display all your wine on the island, place some stools and inviting some friends to relax and enjoy the casual time.

The kitchen bar area not only a place to eat but also an area for storing miscellaneous items, and the space will allow you to set a buffet while holding a party for friends and family.

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