20 Best Swimming Pool Design Ideas For 2023

Once considered as a sheer perk, swimming pools have crawled their way into mainstream architecture in recent decades. Now, it is almost a suburban utility which everyone must have to throw summer parties and enjoy BBQ.

There is no hard and fast rule of building a pool, in case you are wondering with your weirdest strip of land. From slender and narrow modernistic pools to all the way to lavish baths, you can create your own ‘dipping point’ based on what you have and you can spare.

Now that we have nailed its ascent, it is time to discuss some innovative yet practical ideas for your next swimming pool in 2023.

Top 20 Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Your Backyard

Swimming Pool Design Ideas

1. History Off The Tropics

If you live in a turn-of-the-century house and overwhelmed by its classical grandeur that stops you from modifying it too much, it is time to add value by giving your estate a pool.

Use construction material that complements the build of the house and add tropical elements to give it the vibes of a getaway retreat.

2. Desert Dip

No need to fret if you are not into tropics and plants. You can still add to the looks of your pool if you are not afraid to go bare.

For this, construct a simple pool with solid edges on the side and finish off the patio by adding cactus and geometrical objects to give it a distinct look.

3. Green Pool Cottage

There is no denying that plants and pools are a great mix. This is proved by this pool idea which features a cottage with a green roof made of tiles. The green part includes grass, sedges, wildflowers, etc.

For the interior of the pool, stairs are made of tubes and gunite, whereas pool decking was built from semi-organic materials to give it a ‘green’ aesthetic.

4. Water Park

For this type of pool, the sky is the limit. But for your ease, start with stairs, slides, and islands so that both kids and adults have a lot to play with. Use marble or dark-colored tiles for added scenic advantage.

5. Key West FL

Key West is the paradise of beach lovers and surfers. You can take a little bit of Florida home by adding Caribbean Blue and other tropical elements from the island. Go for coral stone for decking and paving to complement the blue.

6. Water View

This is a lap pool and suits well for estates that face water bodies. You can use any light-colored stone, such as Connecticut, to match with the boulders and stones of the river. It is a real treat to your eyes and to your body.

7. Moonlight

Moonlight and swimming go hand in hand. So, how about a pool idea that can give you this illusion?

One aspect of the pool to distinct the pool from the residential area is to raise the corner wall and match it with the patio. Interactive lighting and other fixtures are also important to complete the hoax.

8. Tropical Lighting

Strategically placed, lights can do wonders. For this pool idea, you can pronounce the tropical elements in the surrounding of your pool by adding vibrant lights in and around it. In turn, the elements that will be highlighted include hardscape, landscape, waterfalls, etc.

9. Floating ‘L’

You don’t need much real estate to add modern elements to your pool. For instance, make an L-shaped pool and place floating pavers on the smaller side of the ‘L’. throw in a sculptural fountain and you can have a masterpiece that can surely stand the test of time.

10. Plantation Delight

Have you wondered that the deck can be the transitional point between the swimming pool and the indoors? You can achieve that fluidity of structure by designing the pool with a two-way entry and exit. Also, keep the surrounding walls low for maximum visibility.

11. Palm Springs

This swimming pool design combines the refinement and leisure lifestyle of Palm Springs. Instead of building a pool with the house, you build the house around the pool. This gives all the rooms ample view of the pool by seamlessly connecting the landscape with the architecture.

12. Naples Beach

Go with a natural pebble finish to highlight the clear water. Then, go for cement pavements that are embedded in the pool so that you will not get burned feet in the bright sun.

13. Terraced Pool

If you live in the Mediterranean, probably on a terraced hill, this pool idea is for you. With an elevated platform that looks over the hills and the sea, your farmhouse is the ultimate leisure house to make the most of your downtime.

14. Skyward

To make the most of your suburban house, it is time to up the ante by adding a three-tier pool. For one, it is the wading lounge where you can set dining furniture for the best escape time. Then, there is the kidney-shaped pool with an attached spa to complete the trio. The inside lining of the pool is adorned with glass tiles and mosaic patterns, so there is no shortage of color.

15. Blue Tiles Blast

If you love the blues from jazz, there is no way you won’t fall in love with this masterpiece. It features blue tiles all around the inner walls of the pool. For the base, go for white tiles because they will pronounce the blue color and make it all one whole.

16. Historic Restoration

We are back to the vintages. This time, we can truly embrace the utility and character of the house and the pool by adding the elements that are common around the pools. This includes hardscapes, pavements, tiling, etc., that can add to the character and beauty of the place.

17. Lively Alexander

This pool design takes inspiration from the roots of the era and then built on them. For starters, it has a dedicated spa along with a pool. In addition to that, it has a fire pit and outdoor shower with mosaic patterns and so.

The stroked of genius include moats of grass trapped between slabs of marble and other era-related features. Throw in a couple of beach chairs and you have the perfect pool in your yard.

18. Oceania Infinity

Erect a frame that connects the house with the pool. The frame is perfect when made from steel and timber for the best combination of the modern and classic looks.

For pavements and slabs, in and around the pool, go for a pebble-finished marble to highlight the texture of the surface.

19. French Countryside

This pool has a little bit of everything, such as;

  • A curvilinear pool
  • A fountain
  • Bluestone pavers
  • Artificial turf grass

If you were looking for the ultimate French sophistication mixed with fun elements, this is it.

20. Inside Out

There is more to the pools than just looks. Primarily, they are used for swimming which one of the best exercises you can do. This pool is inside with a clear view of the exterior. This is a contingency which means you should not stop when the temperature plummets.

These were the best swimming pool ideas for your place in 2021. You can take them as they are or you can experiment, mix other elements, and come up with an original.

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