Temporary or Permanent: How Your Pool Affects Your Home

On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing quite as enjoyable as slipping into the cool, blue waters of your own pool. Pools are great for quiet relaxation, for fun with kids, or as a gathering point for friends and family.  Swimming pools provide a wonderful, low-impact exercise and having a pool installed has become much more affordable than it was in the past, making them much more accessible to the average family.

In-ground versus aboveground

There are two types of pools on the market: an in-ground, permanent installation or a temporary, aboveground installation. While many people think the only difference between these two options is the cost of installation, there are actually quite a few differences between the two options that you should consider.


While pools are a great source of fun and leisure, they can also pose a threat. Because of the risk of drowning, it’s important to consider safety when deciding on a pool. A stationary, above ground pool has a built-in safety component since the walls of the pool are quite high, requiring a ladder or stairs to reach it. This safety feature is lacking in in ground pools, which is why there is a higher rate of fatal incidents associated with them than there are with above ground pools.  However, thoughtful safety features such as fencing and locking gates around an in-ground pool will make it much less likely that an accident will happen.


A pool will take up a large part of your property and be a focal point, so many people want them to be as attractive as possible. In most cases, an in-ground concrete pool will provide the most flexibility when it comes to creating something beautiful that will match your landscaping. However, people can get quite creative with attached decks around above ground pools that can help them appear more “in-ground”.


Pools can be tricky when it comes to the value added to your home. While an in-ground swimming pool generally adds value to your home, it will rarely add as much as you put into it. That being said, an in-ground concrete pool will always be a better choice, since an above ground pool can actually reduce your property’s value. While neither are an ideal choice for where you should spend your home improvement budget, if you are set on getting a pool and also are concerned about your home’s saleability or value, look for an in-ground option.


While it may not be the only consideration, cost of installation is still a big part of what pool you will ultimately choose. The cost of installing an in-ground pool varies greatly depending on the pool type and design chosen. While above ground pools also vary quite a bit in price, we can guarantee that an in-ground design will always be pricier. In fact, for an in-ground pool that’s on the lower end of the scale, you could most likely purchase a top-notch above ground pool, and still have money left over to throw a pool party!

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