The Best Ways to Protect Your Premises in 2020

This New Year Keep Safe

As we go into the new year it’s important to consider whether you’re taking all the steps you can to protect your premises. The safety and security of your business should be a top priority as you look forward to 2020.In this blog we are going to show you some recommended security measures, to help you do exactly that.

Security Fences

The importance of a secure fence should not be overlooked. A fence can act as a deterrent to any potential intruders. As well as this, even if someone is able to scale the fence it will slow them down, enabling you to have them escorted off your premises before they do any damage.

Security fences come in many different shapes and sizes, from metal security fences to mesh fencing, to suit any security need. Obviously, a very high fence is specifically designed to be harder to climb over, but can also intimidate and deter potential intruders. In addition to the size, there are a wide variety of fence styles such as traditional vertical style fencing or welded mesh fitting.

One type of fence you may come across during your research is LPS 1175 security fencing. LPS security ratings is the rating system that classifies how secure building materials are. To achieve the highest security rating at LPS level (SR5) requires protection against forced entry with industrial power tools typically used by fire or rescue teams. It is important to research which SR level is right for your business, while higher levels may not be cheap, if your business can afford it, the protection they provide can be priceless.

Security Fencing Panels

Security fencing panels can include mesh fencing which is a strong and more long-term option. One major positive of mesh fencing is that CCTV footage is able to record any potential threats through the fence.

There is a wide range of mesh types available which offer different thicknesses of the materials used as well as different aperture sizes. Another option for businesses is a railing system. This set-up suits a company that is looking for medium security for their premises. A railing system provides a safe and secure option that also acts as a deterrent.

Temporary Security Fencing

Sometimes the best choice for a business can be temporary security fencing. We offer a wide range of temporary security fencing that does not sacrifice protection.It is an ideal choice if you are not occupying your premises permanently, temporary security fences are an excellent short term solution.

This type of fencing is made from galvanised steel and contains a wire mesh infill that makes it wind-resistant. Our temporary fencing is high quality, durable, and offers robust protection that can be used multiple times. Temporary security fences can also include steel hoarding, as well as crowd barriers, both of which also help to protect passers-by if any construction work is going on within the premise.

Anti-climb Spikes

Another effective way of stopping intruders is anti-climb spikes. You have probably noticed these around many large business grounds, including throughout London. Some anti-climb spikes are formed at the end of a fencing pole which makes them part of the fencing.

However, there are anti-climb spikes that can be purchased and fixed onto existing fencing. This can be a cheaper option, however, quality and ease of application can vary. It is important to research what other businesses have found to be the most valuable protection to be the right security solution for your business.

Anti-climb Paint

Another way to further enhance your security is through the use of anti-climb paint. This can also act as a deterrent as the signs of anti-climb paint are obvious, but it can also leave you with evidence of the intruder’s movements.

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