The Green Star Juicer – The Most Amazing Juicer Around

One of the industry winners in juicers is the Green Star juicer, which has been bestowed with several awards, two of which were gold prizes.

Its winning secret is the cutting edge technology used in the juicer mixer, making it a great choice of purchase for anyone.

The patented technology used in the Green Star juicer is a twin gear mechanism made up of flat surfaces that grind or pulverize the fruit, a low speed function of 100RPMs, and the use of a magnet set in bio ceramic materials.

Nutritiously Rich Juices

The color of the juice should really be dark green if you are looking for the most nutritious juice and this you will get when using the Green Star juicer.

It specifically extracts green juice, and it can run constantly without burning out the motor, and thus can give a large volume turnover of juice.

Leafy greens tend to have a lot of tough fiber and can be tough to juice, along with vegetables like sprouts, and herbs.

All of these can be juiced easily because of the twin gear press that the Green Star juicer uses to extract the juice.

The special patented technology this juicer uses (the durable twin gear press which utilizes magnets along with far infrared technology) gives the most nutritional juice as its end product.

It keeps temperatures low, which is really important to prevent or at least slow down the oxidation process that can take place, as well as slow the fermentation.

Along with its sturdy long lasting construction, the Green Star juicer tells you when the fruit pulp is dry (thus no juice left in it).

The juicing process is just one step, and the juicer runs continually, spitting out the flesh of the fruit or vegetables. The cord stores very conveniently, and it has a great safety trait that prevents the juicer from rotating in the wrong direction.

Clearly the Green Star juicer has earned its reputation and proven its dominance among juicers as you can see with the Green Star GS-1000 basic juicer model, which does a superior job as a basic juicer with its function, and special patented features, like the twin gear technology and low 110 RPM, which sets it apart from other models and brands.

A problem with a lot of conventional juicers is the blades used in the spinning action, which cut the fruits and vegetables, but in the process actually squanders a lot of the nutritional value that could be gained.

The Green Star juicer does not use this method, and as a result, the juice does not lose nutritional value.

The fact it can process leafy fibrous vegetables and herbs and effectively juice them also distinguishes it from other brand juicers.

When running, the Green Star juicer makes next to no noise, and the patented Twin Gear press means it can produce high volumes of juice by running incessantly, plus there is hardly any maintenance required, and cleaning is very simple.

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