Four Things to Consider When Planning a Renovation

Owning your own home is a life’s ambition for many people. If you want to get on the property ladder, you might have had to compromise style for affordability. If your newly purchased house is not quite what you had in mind in terms of layout and décor, don’t worry – you can carry out home renovations to transform it into the family home of your dreams. However, there are definitely things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best out of your redesigns. Read on to discover four things to consider when planning a renovation.

1. Decide on a plan of action

From wallpaper to fitted units, your new home is likely filled with design decisions made by the previous owner and as such it will take some time for you to assert your own tastes on the property and make it truly feel like your own. Extensive renovations can be expensive, and you might prefer to spread the cost over several years. If so, it is essential to create a plan of action identifying which are the renovations to tackle first and which you can live with for a few years. For instance, you might decide to turn an existing small kitchen into an open plan kitchen and dining room, or remove the hideous wallpaper in the living room.

2. Style

Are you a maximalist or minimalist? Do you prefer a bohemian look or clean modern lines? Think about exactly how you want your home to look according to your own personal interior design taste. Consult a professional if you are unsure where exactly to direct your attention, or what will make for an attractive interior. An interior designer will help you to coherently bring your ideas together to create an elegant home décor design scheme that suits your taste and lifestyle.

3. DIY or experts?

As the cost of home renovations can quickly mount up, you might be tempted to keep the costs down by carrying out as much of the work as possible by yourself. This can certainly be achieved for certain tasks, such as painting walls and installing flat pack furniture. If you are in any doubt about your DIY abilities, it is always best to bring in a professional. Additionally, there are certain renovation tasks that should always be carried out by experts to ensure safety, such as electrical and structural tasks.

4. Budget

Perhaps the most important point to consider when planning a renovation is how much money you can afford to spend. If you have your heart set on creating your dream home, you might decide to spread the cost over several years and carry out your ideal renovations when you can afford it. Spend some time gathering quotes and researching the market, both of which will help you to work out a reasonably accurate budget. Though it might be tempting to splurge occasionally, try to keep to this budget as much as possible to avoid any nasty financial surprises further down the line.

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