Home Sweet Home: 5 Things to Consider when Selecting Your Next Living Space


Choosing a place to live is exciting, but with so many options, it can also be overwhelming. It needs to be comfortable for you or your family, but it also needs to be functional and meet all of your unique needs. While no two home searches are alike, there are some universal decisions you’ll need to make, whether you’re planning to rent or buy; looking for single or multifamily housing; or you’re planning to live there for one year or forever.


Chances are you have a general idea of where you want to live, based on your job, desire to live in a particular city, or some other reason. However, narrowing it down to a specific neighborhood or community within your desired city should be one of the first things you do. Factors to consider include:

  • Commute time
  • School districts if you have children
  • Amenities available
  • Price range (don’t forget taxes and utilities)
  • Other factors that may impact your life, such as proximity to family


Another thing to consider when choosing your next living space is just how much living space you need. If you live alone and work long hours, you may not need much space or multiple bedrooms, but if you have three kids and entertain often, you’ll need room to spread out. Think about the square footage of your current space and whether it’s just right or if you need more or less. Also, consider the minimum number of bed and bathrooms you want.

Amount of work required

Do you want a home that is move-in ready or are you up for a project? That can have a big impact on the place you choose. If you’re only going to live at a particular place for a year and will be at work all day, you might look for something like fully furnished¬†military apartments San Antonio. If you’re ready to put down roots but have a tight budget, a fixer upper in the suburbs may be ideal.


What you do every day will also have an impact on the place you choose. For example, if you love to spend summers barbecuing in the backyard and you have two big dogs, you’ll need a place with a backyard. If you travel often for business, you won’t have much time to keep up with that backyard or too much landscaping.

Any desired extras

Once you’ve compiled a list of needs based on the first four things to consider, it’s time to add the extras. These are items you could live without but don’t necessarily want to. Maybe you really like a particular style of home or you want a place with a pool in the neighborhood or even the backyard.

Creating a list of what you need and want in a home can help you get an idea of where to start searching for your next living space. If you work with an agent or other professional, they’ll appreciate the time you took to compile the list and even help you build upon it so that you find the perfect home. Knowing what you need can also prevent you from making an impulse move or letting the market overwhelm you.

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