The Top Five Things to do When You Move into A New Office Space

new office space

There has been a marked trend for businesses to move into the suburbs or to office units that suit the new ways of working. Hot desking, more open spaces, improved ventilation are all reasons for this and as such it is useful to know what you should be doing when your business moves premises. Whether it’s a new office space or a new flat, home or luxury camper van and if it’s just been bought, leased or rented there are a few aspects that you should ensure are done before you move in.

Deep clean

The new normal way of work has been adjusted and there is now a particular requirement to ensure that all workspaces have been sanitized and cleaned. This requires more than the usual vacuum, dusting and surface cleaning and the trend, as is advised here, is to source a reputable and professional deep cleaning service in your local area. You may require regular janitorial and occasional deep cleaning so plan ahead and include these costs in your relocation budget.

Do a full walkthrough 

Remember to take photographs of all the spaces, walls and utilities. The security deposit paid for all office spaces is not normally thought of once it has been paid and the building owner and maintenance team claim some of this money from you to repair and return the space to its original condition. It is thus important to have a clear, dated record of the condition of the office prior to you moving in. and include this in the commercial lease agreement. Walls and floors are the big spaces that need repainting and repairs and as such take your time and note any issues with these to the property owner or rental agent.

Locate all the necessary utilities

Gas, water and electric, you need to know how to turn these on and off in case of an emergency.

This is one of the most commonly encountered problems associated with moving into new offices. The IT hardware is delivered, and no one knows where to access electrical power, or the water is off without an idea of where the main tap is. Ensure that you have this information and have assessed that everything works as it should do.

Have a plan for unpacking

Moving on to an office space that is full of unpacked boxes and equipment is a sure-fire way to dampen the workplace spirit. Have a clear plan for unpacking and ensure that this is communicated clearly to all those who will be involved.

Communicate the move

Both before during and after an office move you need to let your suppliers, partners and stakeholders know. Provide details of the time you will be out of office or closed and an alternative means of communication. You will also need to share the new address once moved in and change all company marketing materials.

The five aspects to prepare for an office move as outlined in this article will ensure that you have a detailed budget and plan for your move as well as ensuring that you move into a space that is ready for work. 

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