Things To Know Before Hiring A Building Inspections Adelaide

building inspection

If you’re planning to buy or sell an older home, it’s important to find out what shape the building itself is in. A building inspector can tell you whether there are problems with the structure, the foundation, or the electrical and plumbing systems. In addition to helping you make an informed decision about buying or selling, hiring a building inspector can help protect your family’s health and safety down the road. Here are five things you should know before hiring a building inspector.

Finding The Right Building Inspector

No one wants to think about home repairs, renovations, or new builds until they have to. But when it comes time for you to choose an inspector for your home or building project, there are some things you should know before making that hire. Here are five tips for finding qualified building inspections Adelaide.

Verify Qualifications

Just because someone has a business card doesn’t mean they are qualified to inspect your property. Make sure you get written proof of building experience and quality certification from previous jobs before meeting with them to discuss details of your next project.

Get Personal Recommendations

With any service provider, personal recommendations can go a long way toward feeling confident in your choice. Ask around and make sure people you trust are recommending reputable builders with positive reviews who will deliver on their promises and timelines as promised.

Do Your Research Online

Reviewing online portfolios is another great way to check into a builder’s reputation—especially if you know their name from other sources. You can see what projects they’ve worked on in your area, read customer reviews for those jobs, and see photos or videos of completed work firsthand.

Talk About Guarantees

It’s always a good idea to talk about guarantees upfront—and not just for building inspectors but also contractors. Are there any clauses in place? Are you protected against water damage or storm damage? What does each party guarantee (or not) during different phases of construction? These are all important questions you need to be answered ahead of time so problems don’t arise later down the road when money and stress levels are high.

Check Out Their Track Record 

What makes a building inspector more qualified than others? Experience matters! Don’t be afraid to ask potential contractors what types of buildings they specialize in; ideally, you want someone who specializes in older buildings because older buildings present unique challenges even experienced builders may not be familiar with.

Ensuring The Building Inspector Is Licensed

Building inspectors may be licensed, but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified. Make sure your inspector is certified by reviewing their license, and checking with your local government if you have any questions. Another way to ensure that you are hiring an experienced professional is by interviewing them on their experience and qualifications. If possible, find out how long they have been in business and how many buildings they’ve inspected. You can ask for references from former clients too.


The first step in getting your new home built is working with an inspector, who will examine all building materials and ensure that everything is up to code. If you’re going through renovations or need work done on an existing building, it’s important to hire a licensed professional who can make sure every detail is handled properly. To find out more about hiring an inspector for your next project, talk with local experts and visit sites like

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