7 Things You Can Do to Deter Burglars Even When You’re Not at Home

Since the deadbolt was invented and widely implemented around the world back in the 60s, the number of home intruders and burglaries has dramatically decreased over the years, but it hasn’t been eradicated entirely.

It’s important for all homeowners to be capable of protecting their property, but of course, you can’t be there all the time. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, there’s no reason why you home can’t be protected while you’re not there.

Today, we’re going to explore seven key ways you can deter any burglars from entering your house at all times, protecting your belongings and property from criminals.

#1 – Lock Everything Up

The biggest deterrent you can implement is simply making sure you look everything after you leave. Most burglars will look around the property and try the doors and windows. In the case that they’re locked, they’ll simply move on to another house.

#2 – Clean Up Your Rubbish

If you’ve just bought a new television, it’s risky business showing it off to the rest of the world by leaving the boxes out the front of your house for everyone to see. If you have packaging of valuable items, this is basically advertising it to thieves.

#3 – Install an Alarm System

Not only will installing an alarm system alert you and your neighborhood if anybody tries to break into your property, having the alarm itself can be a deterrent enough. Any burglar scoping out your neighborhood will see the alarm on your house and can immediately put them off. For the best results, be sure to invest in a professional installation company.

#4 – Keep Your Curtains Closed

Even if it’s daytime, keeping your curtains closed will restrict how far into your house a burglar can see and stops them from taking inventory of what possessions you have. Get into the habit of doing this, and you’ll deter anybody from being able to see what valuables you have.

#5 – Close Your Garage Door

Even if you’re at home, make sure you keep your garage door closed as much as you can. This will stop burglars from being able to see what possessions you have in there and will stop them from eyeing up potential items of interest. Install a timer if you’re forgetful when closing it.

#6 – Keep Entry Difficult

Look around your home and see whether there are any easy access points. You may have a wood store next to a window or a tree that provides easy access to an upstairs door or window. These are all areas where burglars can get it, so remove them as a deterrent.

#7 – Work with Your Neighbors

Having a sense of community within your neighborhood can be one of the best approaches to stopping burglars. With everybody on your street aware of who each other is and looking out for each other’s property, it doesn’t matter if you’re at home or away, if someone suspicious is around, everybody else can look out for you and you for them.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can deter burglars and protect yourself from the dangers of theft. The best way for your property is to imagine you’re a burglar and then spy ways you would get in to prevent it happening to you.

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