5 Surprising Things You Don’t Know about Granite Worktops

Granite is a tough substance that is durable and highly resistant to both heat and scratches. These properties make it a great choice as a worktop material in a kitchen. By doing annual sealing, it will last for a long time, continuing to give a luxurious and natural look to your home’s interior. While features are what makes it a popular material, granite also has many properties that will likely surprise you. Here are the five shocking characteristics of granite worktops.

1. Granite is an Igneous Rock

Did you know that granite is an igneous rock? It is made of minerals like quartz, mica, feldspar, and hornblende. It can be cut from shallow quarries; the rock is not far from the earth’s surface.

To get the rock ready to transport as a block, small holes are drilled into it, according to the needed size. The granite material for countertops is excellent as it can handle a lot of pressure on it.

2. It Can Withstand Excessive Temperature

Granite can resist damage from the heat in many situations. For example, a hot pot put onto the surface on a worktop will likely not damage it because of the durable formulation.

However, it’s not advisable to continually put hot items on the counter as you risk hurting kids and others who come along and unknowingly touch them. Plus, if a heat source stays in contact with the granite countertop surface over an extended time, it could do damage by softening the material. That can lead to discoloration.

3. There are Many Worktop Colors and Styles

Granite is available in various hues and patterns. The shade of the granite is determined by the proportion of the minerals in it.

As the balance of its materials changes, so too does that color. Those colored minerals in the original molten rock cooled to eventually create the granite.

4. Granite can have Fissures

Many of the granite varieties have natural characteristics like fissures or pits. You’re likely wondering why.

These fissures occur because of the crystalline composition of the granite. When the granite is formed through a cooling process, some soft minerals enter the small empty voids of it. It can be removed when it is cut and polished, giving a smooth and shiny appearance.

5. It is Strong Enough to Damage Knives

Granite is rough and tough enough to handle knives. When you use a knife for slicing without using a cutting board, the blade can get damaged.

As a knife comes in contact with granite worktops Knutsford, the blade will become dull and damaged because of the toughness of the worktop. That’s incredible strength for a worktop to be able to dull a cutting instrument!

Concluding Words

Granite countertops deliver a rich beauty to the house aesthetics. They are resistant to stain if sealed properly.

If you are good at home maintenance and cleaning, you have no reason not to consider granite countertops. Sealing it annually will help it last longer.

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