4 Signs It is Time to Call AC Repair Service

ac repair service

To keep the AC unit in good condition, you may require AC repair and maintenance services time to time. However, unfortunately, many homeowners in Dallas don’t understand when to call for AC repair. They continue using their cooling system even when it requires tune-up, and as a consequence, AC loses its efficiency, and homeowners end up paying more money on major repairs later.

4 Signs You Need to Call an AC Repair Company in Dallas

Lack of AC Airflow

If you’re suddenly not getting the desired airflow from your air conditioning unit, there is a high possibility that the AC air filter or the air ducts are dirty.

Generally, it’s advised to change the AC air filter after 70 to 80 days. However, for some reason, if you don’t change the air filter timely, it will get clogged. And when it is clogged, it’ll block the airflow of your cooling unit. Again, those dust particles from the air filter can spread to other parts of the air conditioner and damage them.

Besides, many homeowners only focus on keeping the HVAC system clean and ignore the ducts, resulting in the problems. Moreover, when the air ducts are dirty, the IAQ will drop drastically and make everyone in your house sick. That’s why if you haven’t replaced the air filter in the last three months, you should do it right now. For air duct cleaning, you should call AC repair service or air duct cleaning service and do a thorough cleaning.

Hot Airflow 

The primary reason for using an air conditioner is to keep the space cool. But if your AC unit is producing hot air, this could be an issue with the thermostat.

As the thermostat controls the entire cooling unit, it’s considered the brain of an air conditioner. However, over time, your thermostat can start performing poorly or have faults in it. In those situations, you’ll have to replace your broken thermostat.

If you’re currently using an old thermostat, you should switch to a smart thermostat. This type of thermostat offers several smart features, which will ensure your comfort. While installing the thermostat, you should call an HVAC professional to make sure it is installed correctly.


As soon as you notice refrigerant or water leakage, you should call HVAC experts and check your cooling system.

Air conditioner refrigerant plays the role of absorbing and transferring heat from your space to the outside. This is how it keeps your house cool and comfortable. However, if you notice refrigerant is leaking from the AC unit, it’s probably because of internal damages in the AC unit, and as soon as you find it, you should repair it.

Refrigerant is very toxic and harmful to human bodies. Besides, when there is a refrigerant leak, it starts damaging the other AC parts. For refrigerant leakage, you’ll have to remember that every second counts. A little delay in AC repair will make the AC parts irreparable and cost you thousands of bucks.

You’ll have to take similar measures for AC water leakage and call professionals ASAP. Also, when you notice water near the AC unit, turn off the cooling unit immediately and wait for the HVAC serviceman to arrive at your house.

Abnormal Sound 

Air conditioners make white noise while it’s functioning. However, if you hear any unusual sound coming from your cooling system, you should call an HVAC professional and check your HVAC system.

If you hear buzzing or rattling sounds coming from your AC unit, there is a high possibility that the parts inside the HVAC system are loose. But if you hear whistling noise coming out of your air conditioning unit, it indicates that your AC isn’t getting enough airflow.

You can also hear abnormal noise when the AC is oversized.

When you have an oversized cooling system, it’ll have short cycling, and because of this, you’ll start hearing abnormal noises coming from your AC unit, and you’ll see a sharp rise in the electricity bills.

As soon as you hear abnormal noises coming out of your cooling system, you should call AC repair service, Dallas-based companies and get this fixed. 

Pro tip from HVAC Experts: If you’re planning to purchase a new cooling system, you should consider a VRF AC unit. This type of air conditioner uses minimum energy and produces minimum noise while operating.

Parting Thoughts 

AC repair service isn’t cheap. Sometimes, this repair cost can exceed the cost of a new cooling system. Besides, if you wait for your AC unit to stop functioning, your system’s efficiency will decrease. Eventually, it’ll hamper your comfort and increase the overall operation costs. That’s why it’s advised to do regular AC maintenance checkups. While hiring HVAC service company in Dallas, TX for AC maintenance, always select the experienced and reputed one over the ones who offer unreasonably attractive deals to lure customers.

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