Top 10 Tips For Buying Furniture Online

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The internet has become a vast marketplace for everyone. Everything you need is available online, ranging from home accessories to furniture pieces. You should be careful when buying online because not all online platforms are trustworthy. So, to protect your financial details, buy your furniture from secure and reputable websites such as

Here are the top 10 tips for purchasing furniture and home accessories online to get the best deals.

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Source: 1825 Interiors

  1. Check your measurement: It is essential that your check your measurement over and over and over again. Check the depth, width and height. Compare these measurements to your room space, corner and shelf. You don’t want to buy a piece that doesn’t fit your space.
  1. If it’s a sofa, you need to check the legs and arms and ensure they come off well when delivered. If you desire to place the sofa upstairs, you need to check the stairs turning point. Measure the narrow point. If you flip it over the bannister, you need to measure the distance between the ceiling and the bannister. Also, remember the door frames and radiators. The doors take some centimetres when they are open, which can be very significant.
  1. Once the measurements are established, it’s time to mark them out with masking tape on the floor. The marking out gives you a 3D idea of the space the furniture will take. There must be about 90 centimetres between your coffee table and the sofa. 
  1. Read reviews: If it is your first time buying furniture at a company and you don’t know how good their products are, you should read reviews. You will see lots of reviews, some criticising the company and others stating that the products are good. It is now up to you to decide which comment seems real to you and which one to ignore.
  1. Check out the site. Is its photography good? Is the website well designed? When a company invests heavily in its image, it will likely sell top-quality furniture. If the site is new and doesn’t have much funds to invest in fancy videos and graphics, visit their “about us” page and check out their product specifications.
  1. Check the details: Does the site has lots of pictures, both fancy and functional ones? Can you view the furniture from every angle? You need to check the materials. Ensure you know what you’re buying.
  1. Check the furniture specifications. This is far more than the measurement; it includes where the furniture is made and the materials used. Do not rely on the looks; check.
  1. Call for samples: You need to touch the furniture’s fabric and feel its velvet. Even if you need to spend some cash to get the samples, please do! It’s only a small amount compared to the huge loss you’ll face if the whole furniture comes out wrong.
  1. Now that you’ve measured your space, read reviews, checked samples, and decided, it’s time to know the delivery terms. Will they bring it to your doorstep or help you in setting it.
  2. Conclusively, before you order that item, check the return policy.

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