Mix and Match: 6 Pro Tips For Choosing Windows And Doors

After putting all the structures and aesthetics into the home, many people find it challenging to choose the best windows and doors. Don’t box yourself thinking you should use the same styles for your windows and doors. You could mix and match in the way that fits your home and the purpose that you have in mind. 

What are the things to pay attention to when you want to choose your doors and windows? If this is the question you have in mind, then this article is for you.

Here are the six pro tips for choosing windows and doors.

1. Consider The Purpose For Installing The Window/Door 

The purpose of using something is a significant factor that determines its direction of use. Although doors and windows are entrances, they are installed for different reasons. There is a reason why you are installing one in that room and in that location. These are the things you have to keep in mind. Some reasons for installing doors and windows could include ventilation, light entrance, privacy, and so on. 

For ventilation, you may want to install one that would sit high on the wall to be able to catch the breeze. For light, you would like to ensure that your doors or windows are made of a large surface area of glass to enable light to pass through. Your need for privacy might mean the opposite. Essentially, you must consider the purpose of installing or replacing the door or window to know the style and material that would fit best. Marvin doors come in different materials, so you’d have various choices.

2. Think Of The Benefits 

It is well known that there are pros and cons to everything. Windows and door styles are not excluded. Each style you choose has its advantages and disadvantages. The purpose behind installing them is to look into the benefits of each style to know which would fit most into your purpose. 

Some styles of doors and windows would give you more light while disallowing the flow of air. Some could be very good at ensuring more space for movement. Whichever one, think of the benefits involved in whatever style you choose. Shop for your windows at Marvin Windows.

3. Consider The Material And Size 

You have a style in mind now; it is time to consider the size and material. The purpose of installing the door or window will determine which material you would go for. For example, the doors and windows that would lead to the exteriors of your home have to be made with solid materials that would conveniently withstand harsh weather conditions. 

The good thing is that there are varieties of materials that suit different purposes. Vinyl materials would be best if you want something easy to clean and maintain. Wood has the best aesthetic looks but may not be able to withstand heat and rain. Just choose the best for you that would be durable, easy to install, and maintain. Also, consider the size of your door and window frame before choosing one.

4. Pay Attention To The Architecture Style And General Outlook Of Your Home 

A choice might suit a particular need but may not fit the general outlook of your home. This way, you must pay attention to the purpose, style, and how well it will fit into your home. For example, it might not be aesthetically appealing if your house has a modern structure while installing traditional designs or styles of windows and doors in your home. You may decide to mix or match types, but ensure that you do well. 

Fixing styles of windows and doors that don’t align with the overall structure might affect the aesthetics. Yes, it may fit your purpose, but what about how good the sight would be? Ensure that your windows and doors make your building features conspicuous and well highlighted. These features include wood trims, ornate columns, or dormers. They help to amplify the elegance of the structure.

5. Mix And Match Designs 

It is important to note that mixing and matching do not necessarily mean selecting entirely different looks for windows and doors. You could mix and match by selecting them based on their functions and mode of operation. If you try to mix-match too much based on looks, your house could look disorganized. Choose similar and complementary options of materials, designs, and colors across different styles to create a uniform look.

6. Be Careful Of The Colors You Select 

While some people are always in haste to pick colors because that’s the fun part of the decision process, it is advisable to settle other factors before selecting a color. When it is time to make the color decision, ensure that it blends well with the interior and exterior parts of your building. It is even more advisable to go for neutral or traditional colors. This is because they are likely to stay relevant longer than trendy colors.


The choice of your windows and doors has a great way of affecting the ambiance of your property. Make your choice based on the purpose you are installing them for. 

As much as you want to mix and match, you must ensure uniformity in style and materials. Put things in order and make the best selections for your building.

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