9 Tips for Finding a Reliable Roofer and Avoiding Costly Mistakes


Roofing is a very important part of any house. It’s the protective exterior that protects your home from all of Mother Nature’s fury. But what do you do when it starts to leak? Well, the first step you need to take is find a reputable roofer and then avoid the mistakes that will cost you money and time.

 If you need a roofing restoration or roof repair company, you can check out keyprimeroofing.com. In this article, We have mentioned a few tips to find a reliable roofer.

Tip 1: Word of mouth 

Word of mouth is the best source for finding reputable roofing companies. If you know someone who had some work done on their roof by a particular contractor, ask that person if they were happy with the results of the work and the they price paid.

Tip 2: Get at least three estimates

Like with anything else, shopping around is always a good idea because you don’t want to pay too much or settle for second-best service. Shopping around will also help you determine which company is the most reputable, which saves time and money in the long run.

Therefore, always get comparative quotes, ideally from at least three different contractors. Information is key to making a good decision.

Tip 3: Have them come to your home

When you feel comfortable dealing with the company, have them come out to give you a quote and discuss what they can do for you. 

Tip 4: Ask to see proof of insurance

Ask to see proof of insurance before the job is started so you can see who will be responsible if a problem occurs. 

Tips 5: Get everything in writing

Be sure to get as much information as you can in writing. This will eliminate the risk of any misunderstanding between you and the contractor when the job is done and they come back to collect the final payment.

Tip 6: Make it a legal contract with a warranty

Any time you sign a contract with a company that has worked on your home, make sure that it’s a valid piece of paperwork and not just a “back-of-an-envelope” or handwritten document that has no validity or legality. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, stay away from these types of contractors.

Tip 7: Pay with a check or credit card

If you pay your contractor in cash it’s very easy for them to say that you wrote them a bad check or you that didn’t pay by credit card, and then take off with your money and not complete the job. It’s much harder to take your money if you pay by credit card or check. 

Tip 8: Make sure to get a receipt

Ask for and keep a receipt for everything you pay for. It will help avoid any confusion at a later date.

Tip 9: Always keep a record of all transactions

Keep good records of everything, including invoices, all paperwork, copies of estimated costs, bill of sale, and contracts. These records are important in case you need to claim anything later on in the future.

Roof repairs vary greatly dependent on what kind of roofing system you have. If the roof is a flat membrane roof and there are no holes or missing shingles, you may only need to have the membrane patched up to stop water from getting underneath it. If over time there has been damage caused by ice dams or hail storms, full replacement may be required.

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