4 Tips for Making Your Rental Feel Like Home

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Renting a home isn’t always as glamorous as it’s made out to be, and, in some cases, it can be quite depressing if you’re living under the watchful eye of an overbearing landlord. 

Having a place to call home is not always the same as having a place that feels like home, but with just a little bit of effort, renters can make their homes feel like home.

There’s no way to fully eliminate the problems associated with living in a rental house or apartment, but renters can take steps to improve the situation, so it feels more like a home than a temporary place to stay. 

Here are some tips for making your rental feel more like home: 

Go for Unfurnished

When you go for an unfurnished house or apartment, you can bring your own furniture and decor style. This makes it easier to personalize your home with your favorite pieces like that big comfortable sleigh bed frame you’ve had forever or your granny’s vase that reminds you of those summers you spent at her cottage.

There are also plenty of good deals on Craigslist for unfurnished apartments or houses, and if you want to personalize, buy second-hand furniture from Craigslist too and do a few upcycling projects.

Keep to a Cleaning Schedule

Taking ownership of the space will help you remember where things go and encourage you to keep trinkets that remind you of your old home. 

A good cleaning organization system will not only help with organization, but it can also make you happier knowing that every corner is clean and every nook and cranny dusted. Without care and attention, dust and dirt will grow in the houses unless you constantly clean the place.

Use Non-Destructive Decorating Techniques

There are lots of options for renters when it comes to choosing colors and styles for decorating. 

Take the time to figure out what your style is, and you’ll be able to pick out things you like. It’s okay if it doesn’t match with the decor in the house – that’s the point of these small changes (remember, you’re choosing them). 

Think about what colors and patterns work with your room’s layout and make sure they are bold enough to stand out without being overwhelming. There are lots of ways to make small changes without spending a lot of money on furniture or making holes in walls.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

No one wants a crazy housemate, but it’s always better to get to know the people living in the building before you move in. Be friendly and introduce yourself to your neighbors as they pass by. 

Getting to know your neighbors allows you to build a community, and being friendly makes everyone’s life easier. People are more likely to help you out when going through tough times or if you just need a last-minute favor when you’ve built a community of trusted people.

This is by far the best and most important tip on this list, so don’t skip it.

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