Tips for Proper Maintenance of Home Exterior

For many of us, we spend a lot of time maintaining the cleanliness and order of our homes. But most of the time, this only means cleaning the interiors of our house. While there’s nothing wrong with that; it is also vital that the exteriors of our homes are properly maintained as well.

It is absolutely tempting just to relax and take a sip of your favorite drink. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can do it outside in your neat and great-looking exterior space? To help you get started, here are some tips for proper maintenance of your home’s exterior spaces. Let’s begin!

How to do an easy repair job for your driveway

Take a moment to observe your driveway and see if there are any cracks or holes. These little imperfections will make a beautiful home look unpleasant to the eyes. Not only are they eyesores, cracks and holes and grow worse.

If you have a concrete driveway, fill the chips by using a product which is specific for cement-repair. There may even be sunken areas that you should look out for. If that is the case, call a professional to do the work, especially if you’re dealing with asphalt.  In extending the longevity of your driveway, make sure to have it resealed every few years.

Covering up cracks on doors and windows

An essential part of maintaining your home exterior properly is looking for cracks on your windows and doors. If you see any, apply some caulk so that you can prevent leaks from occurring.

Don’t forget to put weather stripping on your doors. This way, you can be sure that the air conditioning system of your home will run efficiently. In turn, you will save more money and help the environment by conserving energy.

Inspecting your home’s roof

You don’t necessarily have to climb up to your roof to check it. You can always call a professional. Another method to check your roof is to use binoculars. You can see if there are any shingles that need a replacement this way.

If there are, call your local handyman and let him do the work for you. However, if you see that the damage is huge, then that’s the time to call your professional roofer. Don’t attempt to do it yourself unless you are highly-skilled and experienced to do so.

Cleaning your window wells and gutters

So many things can accumulate in your window wells as well as your home’s gutters, especially during summertime. To allow rainwater to drain smoothly far from the foundation of your home, clear out the debris. You may also have to check that your window wells have not been turned into a home by other animals.

Checking your deck for damage

Most of the time, your deck may only need some thorough washing. Nevertheless, do check your deck to see if it has any decay, cracks, or loose boards. If this is the case, then it needs more than cleaning; it has to be repaired.

Check for any signs of decay, especially in areas that stay damp. The deck is no longer safe to use if the wood feels spongy and soft. Poke it with a screwdriver and see if it does not splinter. To see if the wood has been made into a home by insects, look for holes. Lastly, apply a coating which is waterproof to your deck flooring after having it cleaned or repaired.

Cleaning your Dryer Exhaust

This is an important step in maintaining your home’s exterior. If you keep your vent clogged, it is a fire hazard. It will also drain the efficiency of the dryer. See to it that the exhaust comes out while your dryer runs.

If you notice that there are not much exhaust, then there may be some blockage. To determine if it needs repair, call a professional. You may also vacuum the vent since this helps in the performance of the dryer.


Now that you know the areas to check for proper maintenance of your home’s exterior, you are on your way to sipping your favorite drink while enjoying your beautiful space. Once all of the areas of your home’s exterior are clean and repaired, you will love having your friends over for some barbeque and cold, delicious drinks.

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