Tips for Spring Cleaning [Ultimate Guide]

Spring Cleaning

The tulips are blooming, the sun is shining, and you realize you actually made it through winter! For some, the emergence of spring is also the beckoning call to work on some home improvements, get down and dirty, and start that spring cleaning! 

There’s nothing quite like the feel of having your home decluttered, polished, and ready for your family to enjoy for the coming season. Hauling away unneeded items from your home is one of the best ways to free up space in your home and make it feel larger, with more room to breathe. 

Junk-A-Haulics should be at the top of your contact list for any kind of help with junk removal for your cleaning this spring. The following are some of the best-proven organizing, cleaning, and clearing tips from our experts for attacking your home improvement projects this spring.

Outline a Plan of Attack

The thought of spring cleaning can be overwhelming and downright paralyzing. Neglecting it sometimes feels like the best option for people who just can’t handle all the extra madness it will bring along. That’s why sitting down beforehand and sketching out a plan can help you feel calmer about what needs to be done. It will also help you remain focused throughout the project and avoid getting distracted with things that really aren’t necessary at this time. You’ll also be able to see the end in sight as you check off each task that you complete. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of your to-do list shrinking in size!

Take It One Room at a Time

Focusing on just one room at a time can help you get started with your home improvement, and will also help you feel a sense of accomplishment as you finish small feats in your home, one at a time. Feeling like you only need to complete one space before taking a small break but still knowing you achieved something helpful for your family is a win in anyone’s book.

Another great reason to work on just one space or room at a time is that you’ll be able to take notice of the little things that you don’t usually see. Things like chipped paint that needs to be repaired or curtains that need some mending are good examples of things that you wouldn’t otherwise take the time to fix in your busy everyday schedule.

Manage Clutter

It happens to the best of us. Clutter can take up precious space before you even realize what’s happening. As you begin in each room, go through items and decide what you want to keep. Determine which things you don’t use, and then get rid of them. Gain that space back by either throwing out or donating items. This is the best place to start in your spring cleaning and home improvement project for sure! Only keep things that are useful to you and your family and have a real purpose.

 Junk -A-Haulics can help you take care of big and small items cluttering up your home by assisting with the removal itself and hauling it to the dump or donation center. It can be challenging to get rid of things that are still useful, but if they’re not serving your family any longer, get rid of them and reclaim the space that you need for your family.

Clear Tables, Desks, Dressers, and Counters

Clearing off the surfaces in your home, especially the ones that are most visible, will do wonders for the look and feel of a space. It’s so easy to drop things on a table or counter when you walk in the door and then leave them sitting there for weeks before you finally take the time to put them where they go. Getting rid of these little bits of clutter throughout your house can make it easier for you to clean and scrub those surfaces, as well. 

Decluttering countertops from excessive appliances can also be a big deal and a home improvement all on its own. If you can put a blender or mixer in a pantry or cabinet, do so. Your kitchen will feel so much bigger, and you’ll find yourself more willing to prepare meals and other food for your family. Never underestimate a clean, empty countertop.

Don’t Leave Any Areas Out

As you make your spring-cleaning plan, don’t leave any of the areas in your home out. If you’re planning on going all-in on your spring cleaning this year, hit all the spaces, including your garage. If there’s a place that needs extra attention on your home improvement list, don’t avoid it. Hit it head-on. You’ll be so glad that it’s not hanging over your head any longer. 

Ask for Help

Spring cleaning by yourself is fine, but spring cleaning with help is even better! You’re getting twice the amount of work done in the same amount of time. Team up with a friend, recruit your spouse, and employ the help of your kids. Not only will you get more done in less time, but having someone to talk to and laugh with is always a good idea! 

Many hands make light work. But if you’re ready to really purge some items, Junk-A-Haulics is your go-to for all junk removal, donation removal, and more. Getting your home in order needs to take priority this spring, and a home improvement like clearing out the extra, unneeded things in your home is truly the best way to create space in your home and life.

Call on the Experts to Haul Away Your Junk

Junk-A-Haulics helps you take your home improvement to a whole new level in the easiest way possible. Assisting customers with the heavy lifting they’ve been avoiding, hauling away boxes of old items that no longer have use to their owners, and more is our specialty. Call Junk-a-Haulics for more information on how we can help with your home improvement and de-junking project today.

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