3 Simple Tips to Help You Save Electricity Bills in Summer

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Summer is a time to open up and live easy. The living also becomes hot, sweaty, and slightly uncomfortable if you stay in a place like Covington. Covington, a Georgian city and also part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, has a hot and humid summer climate. Daytime temperatures can quickly soar up to 32°C with an average humidity of over 90%. Therefore, retreating to a paradise-like air-conditioned room after a day’s work in the oppressive heat is simply heavenly. 

However, the downside of the comfort comes at a cost, usually in the electricity bill next month. HVAC experts in Covington opine that unless certain steps are taken, bills can skyrocket fast. With the help of some practical working tips, homeowners can keep their bills in check. 

Below are some helpful tips to save money with air conditioning. Keep reading this article to learn about them.

Avoid Lowering the Default-Set Temperature

Studies have proved that 6% of electricity is saved with every degree rise in temperature. Also, the lower you keep the temperature set on the AC, more is the energy consumed because the compressors work more. As a rule-of-thumb, keeping the temperature set to 23-24°C is the best way to slash down electricity bills even after running the air conditioner.

However, whether you turn the temperature down or not also depends on the temperature condition of the place. If the temperature of a place is already 26-27°C, running the AC at 24°C won’t be very effective.

Ensure that the Room is Insulated Properly

Keeping the doors and windows shut before turning on the AC seems like a no-brainer. But, homeowners need to guarantee that their room is properly insulated so that cold air from the room gets no chance to escape. Pull the curtains, block the ventilation outlets or take other measures to ensure that outside humidity and heat do not enter the room.

Also, make sure not to keep heavy electronics like the refrigerator, TV or computer turned on while the AC is running. These devices produce a lot of heat that might make the air conditioner work more, which will also reflect on the monthly utility bill. 

If it is a must, then consider turning the AC on for a bit to let the room cool before turning it off and switching on those devices.

Don’t Keep the Fan Turned On

Contrary to popular belief, keeping the cooling machine and the ceiling fan turned on simultaneously does no good. 

People think a fan and AC combination will make the room adequately ventilated and cool in a short time. It is not true, especially in places like Covington, where humidity levels stay above 90% in the hot summer months. 

So, keeping the fan and AC on simultaneously will make the room’s hot air circulate faster from outside heat. As a result, even turning off the cooling unit after half an hour will feel like turning it back on within a minute.

Final Words

Finding HVAC experts in Covington is not a big deal, considering how different companies are available. Connect with them to periodically service and maintain your cooling unit. This is also effective in curbing electricity bills in the summer. On average, it takes around $75 to $200 to service the machine. Emergency servicing might cost a little more, though.

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