5 Useful Tips to Follow When Moving to a Smaller House

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People who are downsizing to a smaller home often underestimate how much stuff they have accumulated in a bigger dwelling. Luckily, the internet has given people with experience downsizing their residence a place to share their experiences.

If you are about to downsize your dwelling, we have compiled some good advice to follow. Read on to discover six useful tips to follow when moving to a smaller house.

1. Make moving money

As well as a forum to share useful information and experiences, the internet has also provided us with a wide range of online marketplaces for used goods.

You may find it is much easier to part with old things that you may not have space for when there is a dollar or two in your pocket after the goods are handed over, meaning you are much more likely to clear out unused items quicker.

This money can be used to deck out your smaller place with items that are more friendly to smaller dwellings or help with the moving costs.

2. Give it up, or say goodbye

If there are some pre-loved items that you haven’t been able to move online, then you are going to have to get a little tougher on yourself to part with them.

This means finding a new home for your old bulky things without compensation or turfing them in the rubbish. While this may be a bit tough in the short term, especially if the items in question hold some sentimental value. 

The point being made is that you are moving for a reason, and part of that reason is moving into a new lifestyle and a new future, and some things will not be able to make the journey with you; such is life.

3. Furnish with function

While you may be used to having space to spare in your previous abode, the smaller dwelling will require a bit more strategic design and planning.

While you may love your previous furniture, you may want to consider selling it and procuring furniture with more function to optimise your minimal storage space.

Examples of functional furniture may include:

  • Ottomans with internal storage
  • Creating storage draws in enclosed stairs
  • Investing in a sofa bed for guests
  • Buying multifunctional kitchen appliances to save space
  • Purchasing a washer and drying combo rather than using two appliances
  • Using smart storage cabinet systems in kitchens

These are just some examples of ways to get more than one use out of your furniture. In addition, sites like Pinterest are a fantastic place to see how people have gotten more creative with storage and may make parting with some of your bulkier furniture more appealing.

4. Utilise wall space

Walls are one of the most underutilised spaces in a home and often get missed when people are brainstorming for storage ideas. Shelving in a smaller home is one of the best ways to get more bang for your storage buck.

Running long floating shelves can be as aesthetically pleasing as practical, especially in the kitchen. A recent trend in kitchen design is often replacing underutilised overhead cabinets with open shelving; this is because they usually get used much better than high cabinets, making things more accessible while also looking fantastic.

5. Closet organisation

Have you ever noticed how much-underutilised space there is below the hanging space in your closet? There are many things you can do with this wasted space.

Some examples include:

  • Small sets of draws
  • Plastic containers
  • Shoe racks
  • Containers with caster wheels and more

This space is also ideal for storing out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags, which keep them protected until next season, which you can rotate as the seasons change, saving considerable hanging space.

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