5 Tips to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home


No matter how new or old your home is, there is always more that you can do to improve its energy efficiency. When your home is more energy efficient your lifestyle changes, and you save money on your bills too. 

Creating a more energy-efficient home isn’t always going to be the cheapest thing to do or even the quickest process. However, it will be worthwhile to you in the long-term. 

So, just how can you improve the energy efficiency of your home, and what should you start focusing on? 

How Do You Live in Your Home? Be More Conscious and Aware

Before ripping anything out, or even adding anything else, you have to think about how you live in your home. Are you using expensive and energy-zapping lightbulbs? How high is your heating thermostat set? And are you draining resources by using an obscene amount of water every day? Be more conscious about your day, and focus on what you are doing. When you are more aware you can then start to make more changes.

Upgrading Appliances

How old are the appliances that you have installed within your home? Older appliances tend to drain energy, and older washing machines or dishwashers even use more water per cycle too. When you upgrade your appliances (from the kettle and toaster through to the washing machine and boiler) you improve how much energy you use and consume. When you upgrade appliances, you should start by doing one at a time. This will make it more affordable, but it will also allow you to see clearly what savings you are making.

New Windows and Doors

As well as looking at appliances used within your home, you also need to look at the larger items that contribute to the shell of your home. For example, how old are the windows and doors that are in your home? Are they single-glazed, or are they double-glazed? To focus on boosting energy efficiency, you have to look at triple glazing. When it comes to understanding triple glazing and seeing just how it will benefit your lifestyle and your home, you have to speak to the experts. Triple glazing is a relatively new upgrade, but it is an upgrade that can transform your home and your energy bills.

Look At Extra Insulation

How insulated is your home at the moment? Do you have insulated cavity walls? Do you have an insulated roof? If you do not have an adequate amount of insulation within your home, you will find that any heat you have simple escapes through the roof, windows, or walls. When you focus on insulating your home, you increase energy efficiency because you focus on keeping the heat in your home. Keep your home properly insulated by contacting professionals that install insulation Boise Idaho and let them handle all the work. 

Seal Your Home

As well as insulating your home, you also need to check out how sealed it is. Gaps around windows and doors need sealing as soon as possible. Using a silicone-based seal to block up gaps will exclude drafts, and keep your home warmer – even in cold weather.

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