7 Tips to Preserve and Avoid Damage When Transporting Your Precious Furniture

moving furniture

Moving is one of life’s great experience. When people move, they’re frequently making a brand new start in their lives. Moving is a chance to interact with new people and enjoy entirely new places. While moving is a wonderful chance to remake your life, it’s also an action that requires a lot of planning. You need to make sure that everything goes right.

The details matter during the move. Of particular concern, is making sure your most valuable objects are transported with you. You want to make sure everything is prepared properly. You also want to make sure that nothing gets damaged. Before you leave, now is the time to put it all in place. These simple tips will help keep your most important items from harm throughout the entire process of moving.

Top 7 Tips to Avoid Damage When Transporting Your Precious Furniture

moving furniture

1. Allow Enough Time

Sometimes, you might need to rush the move. You might have gotten a sudden job offer or you’re facing the unexpected end of your lease because the landlord needs the space. In many cases, however, you will have the luxury of time. It’s a good idea to use the time before you move well. You want to allow at least a month if you can.

This allows you enough time to get everything you need in place before the move begins. It also allows you enough time to think about what you’re going to transport and what you wish to get rid of before you leave. Carefully sorting through your items can help identify which items are most important. It can also help you decide what’s going to go in which room once the move begins. It’s also about allowing you the time to relax and make sure you are focused at all times during the move.

2. Avoid Cramming Too Much

One of the most important things to keep in mind is how many items you are going to transport with you during the move. If you’re moving from a dorm room to a small apartment, you may only have a few things of importance such as the bed your grandmother gave you and all the books you want to keep even after you’ve graduated.

However, if you are moving from a large space to a large space, you’ll want to make sure you have the right transport from one place to the next. You don’t want to cram too many items inside. Doing so can create hazards. A sudden sharp turn and your favorite dresser might bang against the walls. Instead, make sure that all items in the truck are packed in well.

This way, you don’t have to worry that items will shift as they are being moved. Consider hiring more than one truck at the same time or moving in spurts. Enough space in the moving truck will protect your important items well.

3. Hire Professionals

Hiring professional movers is a must for most people planning a move. Trained specialists, like those at Removals Company Platinum Furniture Brisbane can offer the help you need to avoid problems. They can also help you with specific issues. For example, if you transporting something heavy and beautiful such as a grand piano can be tricky.

Bringing that piano out of your existing home to the new space requires a lot of thoughtful preparation and attention to detail. Professionals understand this process. They know what it takes to move that piano and make sure it gets to your destination successfully and easily.

4. Know Where You’re Going

Even if you’ve been to your intended destination many times, you still want to make sure you know how to get there. Now is the time to check the GPS and make sure it has the right address. Take into account factors such as the timing of the move.

If you are moving during rush hour, keep in mind you’ll probably be stuck in traffic for some time. Think about a trial run before moving day if you can. This will help you understand what impediments may lie in your way before you get to your destination.

5. Protect Your Glass

Many furniture items are very delicate. This is particularly true of all glass items. You want to make that mirror you’ve owned for years won’t break during the move. Keep in mind that glass can take many forms. The bathroom mirror you put up quickly is a different matter than the full sized dressing mirror in your bedroom. Glass should be completely protected during the move. Glass items should also be carefully supervised when the move is going on. Placing them properly in the right space in the van will help make sure they arrive in one piece.

6. Take it Apart

If you have lots of heavy items, you’ll want to consider taking the apart. Removing the drawers can make it easier to transport that large dresser. If you have a sectional sofa los angeles, you can reduce it to the component parts. The same is true of your dining table leaves. Taking items apart makes them easier to move and easier to protect during the move. Keep a detailed list of items that have been taken apart before the move begins. This way, you’ll make sure you can easily reassemble them once they’re safely in your new space.

7. Use the Right Packing Materials

Packing materials are a crucial part of the move. You want to keep everything in good shape as the move continues. Now is the time to get all the supplies you need before it all begins. Your movers will have additional materials on hand when they come to your home. Clothing can be used to line your moving boxes. Cover all delicate items separately so they are protected as the move continues. Merge light items with heavier items. For example, mix your bedding with your books. This way, the boxes will be easier to lift. You’ll also make the most of your packing materials.

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