5 Simple Tips to Reduce Annoying Noises In Your Home  


Having loud noises at your house is not only annoying, but could affect your and your family’s health. Traffic noise, barking dogs, loud neighbours, and more can create a raucous that could affect your sleep or leave you in a sour mood. Add to this the humming that your sewage treatment plant makes, and its downright chaos. 

Noise pollution has been linked to fatigue, hearing loss and even psychological problems. As a result, you need to do everything you can to ensure that you create a conducive and peaceful atmosphere that aligns with your health and well-being. 

While it’s quite difficult to change your environment to eliminate noise, there are several ways to reduce the commotion inside your home. 

In this article, we’ve put together a list of 5 simple tips to help reduce the noise in your home. 

1. Soundproof Your House With Decor

The walls, windows, and door insulation play an important role in reducing the noises inside your home. However, if you don’t have the money or time to take on an insulation projection, you can add decors that can help reduce the disturbances in your home.

For instance, adding drapes and curtains can have a huge impact on reducing noise, especially if you have thin windows. As a bonus, is also adds a brand-new look to your interiors. 

2. Use Sound & Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Your home appliances also play a part in creating a din at your house, and it can get annoying day after day. As a solution, you should try using energy-efficient appliances, ones that are more noise efficient. 

By adding environmentally friendly items to your house, you not only save electricity and help the planet but also bring more peace to your home. Some examples of sound-efficient appliances are high-efficiency washing machines and dryers or dishwashers.

3. Covering Surfaces With Rugs and Carpets to Absorb Sounds

Hard floors may bring an attractive look to your home, but it also causes sounds to spread throughout your house. If your place has hardwood or tile flooring, you should add rugs or carpets to muffle the resulting noise. 

Having a carpet helps with sound-proofing your home; having cut-pile carpets with a fuzzy top is the best choice if you want it to absorb sound. Another option is to pick a rough with foam-rubber backing as it’s efficient at muffling noises.

Overall, getting a carpet can be a great investment to help reduce noise in your home, without having to spend too much money. 

4. Make Sure Your Windows Are Sealed

Adding double-glazed windows and sealing your window frames properly can go a long way in reducing the noise in your house. Not only double glazed windows block necessary sound, but also bring more insulation to your home, helping you reduce energy costs. 

However, making such changes to your house can get expensive, especially after you’ve already taken care of the construction of your house. In such cases, you should consider covering the window on the exterior part with something like aluminium roller shutters. 

5. Create More Pleasing Sounds

It may sound strange to avoid noise by making more sounds at your home. But, if it’s impossible to get rid of unpleasant noises, you can cover them up by trying to fill your house with something more calming and refreshing.

You can add items like wind chimes on your verandah to create more peaceful sounds around your house. Additionally, you can add some soothing music to your house speakers to bring a more tranquil atmosphere.

If you need a quick solution to make your home more peaceful, you can use a white noise machine to help mask the unpleasant noise. 

To Sum Up

This concludes all the tips we have to reduce the various noises at your house to create a more peaceful atmosphere. Sometimes, the main reason for noise can be due to poor structuring or less than ideal location of your house. In such cases, you may need to consider making some serious changes to your living space. 

Having constant noise in your humble abode can be frustrating and harmful and we hope these tips will help you. 

Now, go ahead and try these suggestions out to help reduce noise pollution at your house!

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