10 Amazing Tips to Revamp Your Living Room Before Christmas 2022

Revamp Your Living Room Before Christmas

With Christmas about a month away, it is unarguably the best time to update your living room so you can welcome your guests in style. And, not just the cozy corner, but your living room deserves equal attention too. 

In this post, we have rounded up practical yet straightforward tips that will render a touch of class & elegance to your living space. So, let’s scroll down and learn about these tips in detail.

Top 10 Tips to Revamp Your Living Room Before Christmas

1. Selecting the Right Furniture is the Key

Whether you are starting from scratch or upgrading your living space where you have stayed for so many years, take a glance at your furniture and determine whether it works for your space or not. 

If you are holding on to a deteriorated loveseat or a recliner, then it’s the right time to let it go and visit the best furniture store to start fresh. 

The furniture in the right style & size can do wonders to the overall aesthetic appeal and be functional. 

2. Designate a Focal Point

Having a dedicated focal point in your living room is a great idea. It is the first thing that guests walking into your house will lay eyes on. 

Suppose you cannot set up a natural focal point such as a wood fireplace or a mantle. In that case, you can create something with oversized mirrors, large artwork, or even a piano to leave whosoever visits your place awestruck. 

So, first, decide on the focal point, and then decorate the room around it to establish a cohesive feel. 

3. Picking the right Color Palette is must

Whether you love the grace of monochromatic style or want to bring in some complementary colors, the color scheme of your living room furniture is crucial to cultivating a senseless aesthetic. 

Having a color palette in mind as you update your living space is a powerful way to make your room appeal clean and purposeful. 

4. Function and Beauty Balance

Your living room should have equal parts, beautiful and functional. Yes, you want your entire space to appear dazzling, but you have to live in it.

Thus, it is imperative that the living room aligns with your taste & personality but is also meaningful to your lifestyle. 

If there is a need for additional storage in the living room, then look for something attractive to conceal your knickknacks while going with the decor. 

Let’s take an example; a stylish couch may grab the attention of your guests, but what’s the use if it is not comfortable. 

The most elemental aspect of designing a living room is that it should look good but at the same time a perfect place where the family and friends hang out and spend quality time.

5. Don’t Forget the Lighting

Getting the right lighting for your living room is one heck of a challenge. But, it can also take your living room style to another level. Our suggestion is to combine various kinds of lighting. 

It may include overhead lighting, night lamps, task lights, and accent to create a wow feeling when it’s night light. 

When you have decided on the sort of lighting you require, you can focus on light sources that beautifully blend with your decor. 

6. Arrange Furniture for Conversations

A living room is a gathering where family, relatives, and friends sit down together. Therefore the arrangement of your living room furniture should be such that it promotes conversation & interaction. We advise you to pull the chairs away from the walls and put them close face-to-face. 

If your living room is pretty big, you can divide it into two conversational groups for a more comfortable feeling. Have chairs and ottomans handy to pull into groups as required. 

7. Design a Media Center

If the living space is also your family room, where your kids love to watch their favorite Disney T.V. shows, then designing a media center is a must. 

Whether you have the latest smart T.V. or an old LCD T.V. be sure it blends with the room decor in a manner that adds to it and does not dominate the whole room. 

You can separate the entertainment center of the living room through the curtains. 

8. Accessorize With Art and Collections

Make the living room walls come alive with display art and collections that you love. You can group items together to create a greater impact. 

You can hang the artworks low so that they can relate to your living room furniture and architecture. 

Hanging four large artworks low enough to visually connect with the dinner table is an impressive idea.

The painting on the walls at the standing eye-level renders a stroke of excitement to the entire ambiance.

9. Choose Stylish, Comfortable Flooring

To keep the living room functional, choose flooring in a manner that presents underfoot comfort, and makes a bold statement. 

The vivid wall-to-wall carpets are going to lay the foundation to create a mix of florals & stripes. 

If you prefer to opt for less bold flooring, we suggest you go with solid neutral flooring so that all the focus is on the furniture and artwork in the room. 

Hardwood flooring with area rugs is a perfect combo popular in modern homes. 

Other flooring options include ceramic tile, stone tile, and complete carpeting work.

10. Add Character With Architectural Trimwork

Last but not least, the trim work serves a great purpose, as it conceals the seams where the floors and walls meet and supports the structure where there are openings. 

In addition, these elements serve an aesthetic purpose too. 

The kind of trim work you choose will lend a distinctive feel to your living room, whether regional, classical, old-world or contemporary. 

To Sum Up

The decor of your living room is a cornerstone of the rest of the space. So, do not hesitate to add some bling to the living room and make it Christmas ready. Give that elegant update to your home and experience the transformed vibe of your place. May you love that.

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