Top 4 Home Improvements That Offer Best ROI

Homeowners choose to carry out home improvements for several different reasons – whether to make the home more functional, create stunning spaces or add more market value to their property. Nonetheless, not all home improvements deliver value. If you intend to sell your home, here are 4 home remodel considerations that are poised to get you the best value for your money.

#1. Bathroom Remodel and Renovation

Bathroom renovation has historically been the most viable home improvement and it is still true to this date. However, you want to keep your bathroom functional as well as create a stylish look and feel. There is plenty you can do to uplift your bathroom for better ROI:

  • Install new lighting fixtures
  • Upgrade shower design (or maybe add in a walk-in shower)
  • Install new faucets, sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures
  • Install heated floors (you can have water or electric under floor heating)
  • Stylish, custom or accent tiles (or maybe something 3D to liven the mood)
  • Custom-made vanity top & cabinetry
  • Modern & luxurious tub (or perhaps a vintage type)

There are different paths you can take with a bathroom refurbishment – you could opt for a more modern design that captures the era we live in, or perhaps, something more luxury and expensive that welcomes you every time you step into the bathroom.

Even though a full renovation can be expensive, it does add value (in most cases) and gives a better ROI.

#2. Kitchen Remodel

More often than not, a bathroom renovation goes in tandem with a kitchen remodel – and with good reason. They both offer the best return on your investment. Here are some ways to update your kitchen’s function and design:

  • Install new granite countertops
  • Bring in resurfaced cabinets
  • Install stainless steel appliances
  • Spruce up kitchen décor with new lighting fixtures
  • Upgrade hardware like pulls, knobs, etc.
  • Install stylish tile backsplashes

It is a good practice to get all the electricals and gas appliances checked by a qualified electrician and gas safe engineer.

#3. Home Office Addition

Adding a home office can provide a huge return if you are planning to sell your home for the top price. This is especially true if your target market is younger or millennial home buyers.

Adding a master suite or additional guest bedroom can do wonders for your home’s value. Even so, you need to make sure that your money goes to the best use.

There are many things that go into making a home improvement project a success. Choosing the right contractor is perhaps the greatest way to put your best foot forward.

#4. Appliance & Plumbing checks

Before you start pulling out the kitchen and adding new rooms or renovating the bathroom, it is a good idea to get your electrical, gas and plumbing systems checked out by qualified engineers.

Take the boiler for example. When was the last time you had it serviced? Bringing in a gas safe engineer to service your boiler and carry out any boiler repairs is a must at least once every year. This ensures your heating stays at opium level and reduces the risk of gas leaks, sudden breakdowns, surprise leaks and much more.

Inviting a plumber to assess the pipework and the integrity of the flooring is another must. Is there a sudden leak somewhere, hidden under the bathroom? Could some of the plumbing systems be upgraded with more modern and durable technology?

Many systems suffer from wear and tear over the years. Pipes become brittle and burst under slight pressure. And the examples continue. So get in a professional plumber to assess your plumbing systems. Otherwise, you might find yourself calling in a local emergency plumber at a much higher rate if something does go wrong.

An electrician can check all your electrical rewiring to ensure all is in order. They can also install electrical underfloor heating systems, which are known to be much more efficient in the longer run.


So there you have it. Top 4 Home Improvement considerations that will increase your ROI. It goes without saying that make sure you employ professional tradesmen for all the work. A cowboy company can do more damage than good. So always look for reviews & recommendations.

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